Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

June 5, 2017


Hey all, 

It's been a busy week. Not much time left in the mission so it's good to keep things busy. 

I would say this has been a week of service. We did 6 different service projects this week. The first one we did was helping a less active family move out. Moving has easily been the most common form of service for me. It's probably that way for most missionaries. The second was a member in his ward that just got a new store and was doing some landscaping so we offered to help him. The third was an older couple in the Ward that was moving dirt into their garden box, so we helped them with that. The fourth was a younger couple in the Ward that is working on an old house they bought to rent out to others, they were reluctant to let us help but we helped them anyways. The fifth was an old couple in our Ward that needed their lawn mowed and hedges trimmed, so we did that for them. And the sixth, last but not least, we went to the assisted living center here in Cody and did the weekly game of bingo with the old folks. And we will continue to do that one as well. So yeah, lots of good was done that I'm happy about. 

On some not so good news, I broke my bike this week. I was going up a steep hill and my chain came off the gear and got stuck really bad in between two of the other gears. Well in the process of yanking the chain out, we bent the piece of metal that the gear shifter is attached too. Not long after that I tried to bend it back in place using the tactic of kicking(smart right?) and snapped it off completely. Not much I can do about that. But, the other set of elders here in Cody said I could use one of their bikes for a couple of weeks because they won't be using it. It'll work out. 

But to lighten the mood again, we have a baptism on Saturday! It's a couple that we have been working with for a good while now. She is a nonmember and he is a member. They've just clung to the gospel and have done everything we have committed them to do to the T. The bishop interviewed him and he's going to baptize her. I think the bishop was excited about it, at least it sounded like it in Ward Council. But I will let you know how it goes next week. And hopefully the two young men that we are teaching get baptized in the near future. I may be home before it happens but I'm confident it will. They are too solid not to. 

There's not much more for this week. But I love the changes this work brings into the lives of others. It shows me that this message is true and good. I love you all. Keep up the good work! 

        -Elder Schneider
Had to say bye to Elder Gutierrez and Maynard. I will miss those guys! 


May 29, 2017


Hey all my people, 

Got transfer news yesterday. Gonna stay in Cody to finish my mission with Elder Munroe. Should be good. It's a race against time to get as much done as possible! 

This week was fun. The other elders in Cody were teaching a guy that moved into our Ward and he got baptized on Saturday. Me and Elder Munroe set up the whole thing so it was fun to be part of it. He was super solid. Now me and Elder Munroe get to do his new member lessons. 

As well as that, the two young boys that we are teaching are getting back from a cruise so we can keep teaching them now. We think we can teach them and have them baptized by the end of June. Pray that every thing works out! 

Time is flying. Gotta keep moving along! Love you all. The church is true. 

        -Elder Schneider 

May 22, 2017

Can’t Complain

Cattle Wrastlin

Hey everyone, 

Hope your week was good. Our was great as well. 

We had Stake Conference this week as well as Mission tour. Elder Dyches came and visited the Mission as well as the Cody Stake, so I got to see him extra. But it was a really uplifting week and I learned a lot. We also got to have a lesson with a man that moved into our Ward that's getting baptized. So that was a pleasant surprise. He's getting baptized on Saturday so it will be a great experience. 

Along with that we also got to do some cattle work! We did some branding for some members in our Ward. Man that's a work out! We were so sweaty and dirty afterwards. Nothing like the smell of cow crap and burnt hair. It'll take a while to get the smell out of our clothes for sure. I'll get some pictures in as well. 

The work moves along. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Love you all, hope you have a good week!

        -Elder Schneider

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May 15, 2017

Mothers Day was good!

I hope your Mother's Day was good, cause mine was super good. 

Cody is going crazy right now. This tourist town is coming alive because Yellowstone has opened up. And there is only more and more people to come! All the natives of the town know not to drive on the main road because it will take you longer than the back roads take. 

We are working with a few good people right now. We have three for sure baptisms within the near future. Hopefully some more too. Our bishopric is really funny because they are making it a race for before I go  home. Their like, a month and a half to baptize these people, let's go! So I'm getting good support to keep working! 

That's all for this week! I hope you all enjoy your week. Love you guys.

        -Elder Schneider
Gotta Love Merica

May 8, 2017

No email this week :(

May 1, 2017

Isn't Spring Supposed to be here again?

It's Monday again! 

It's been a pretty good week. Me and Elder Munroe are finally figuring this place out. There is a ton to be done, we just need to do it right. A lot of part member families and less actives that are on the edge. We were able to have 5 investigators at church and we put someone on date for baptism this week as well. We are hoping to see a few by the end of this transfer.

The members seem pretty excited as well. I guess change is good every once in a while. 

As for new experiences, we had one this week. I was officially chased by a dog for the first time on my mission. Well, two dogs. We were knocking on a former investigators door and his yard is closed in by 4 1/2 foot tall fence all around his house. So we closed the fence behind us and knocked. Well not long after that a Pitbull and Rottweiler come tearing around the corner looking pretty mad. So me and Elder Munroe ran for our lives and jumped his fence like we've never jumped before! After wards we couldn't stop laughing cause it felt like we were in a corny Mormon missionary movie or something like that. But really though, those dogs were out for blood. 

We also had a pretty awesome lesson with an investigator this week. She grew up Christian but has a hard time believing in what she grew up in. As we progressed in the lesson she opened up and told us that she was just scared that she was questioning the things her parents taught her because it’s all she knows, but she feels something is missing from it. We were able to reassure her that questions are good and that some of the things she was taught aren't entirely true about the nature of God and the gospel message. She completely understood the great apostasy and was really open to reading the book of Mormon to get some new knowledge. God is preparing people for the truth my friends!!

With that, I would like to say that this is the work of God and that he lives and loves us. This is his church that he established from the beginning so that all might have the opportunity for eternal life. I know it’s true! Have a good week, I love you all! 

        -Elder Schneider