Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

May 22, 2017

Can’t Complain

Cattle Wrastlin

Hey everyone, 

Hope your week was good. Our was great as well. 

We had Stake Conference this week as well as Mission tour. Elder Dyches came and visited the Mission as well as the Cody Stake, so I got to see him extra. But it was a really uplifting week and I learned a lot. We also got to have a lesson with a man that moved into our Ward that's getting baptized. So that was a pleasant surprise. He's getting baptized on Saturday so it will be a great experience. 

Along with that we also got to do some cattle work! We did some branding for some members in our Ward. Man that's a work out! We were so sweaty and dirty afterwards. Nothing like the smell of cow crap and burnt hair. It'll take a while to get the smell out of our clothes for sure. I'll get some pictures in as well. 

The work moves along. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Love you all, hope you have a good week!

        -Elder Schneider

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