Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

March 27, 2017

The Spirit Works

Hey all, 

It's been a fantastic week. Lots of work. Our stake president has set a goal for each area of how many lessons he thinks is possible in a week and we got it this week so that felt good. And honestly, we could probably do even more than that if we tried a little harder. 

This week instead of writing out all of the little details I just want to write one story in detail. I think it's one worth writing out. I think it shows that the spirit of God is ALWAYS the the ultimate source of conversion. Nothing else can cause a change of heart in such a way. 

We have this certain investigator who has been coming to church for a while now. He comes with some of his close family that are YSA's and solid members of the church. He's been coming consistently for a few months now, and he fits right in. Wears a suit and everything. So we started meeting with him about 6 weeks ago to go through the lessons with him. When we met with him the first time he expressed his desire to find the right path for his life and to grow closer to God. He even expressed some desire to be baptized. We promised him that the message and the invitations we will give him with do just that for him. So, we have been meeting with him about twice a week up until this point. And through all of it we could see him grow. His confidence in making decisions and firmness in keeping the commandments is now very evident. And this last Saturday we had a lesson in which all of it came together in a powerful way. The lesson before Saturday he brought up his concern with Thomas S Monson being a prophet. He just wasn't sure if he was a prophet of God. His background is a little unique because he comes from a break off version of the LDS church so he believes in Joseph smith but after that is where he gets unsure. So we invited him to watch Dare to Stand Alone by President Monson and then to pray and ask God if he truly was a prophet. So here we are in the lesson on Saturday and we ask him how his experience went with the President Monsons talk. Right after we ask him he just gets a big smile on his face and the room just gets silent and reverent. And then his face got serious and then he continues to describe his experience he had while praying for the truth. He then starts to describe the feeling he had in his heart as he prayed. He said he had felt more peace and joy come into his heart than he had ever felt before. And in that moment he knew that all of the things he had being doing were pleasing to God and he felt a calm assurance that he was on the right path. He's now crying, as well as the rest of us. And then he told us that he knows without a doubt that this church is Gods church and he is so grateful to be a part of it. With many tears falling in the room we all sat there in silence for about 3 minutes. There was such a reverence and peace in the room. We didn't even try to teach much after that. We just talked about the priesthood for a few minutes and then realized that we were killing the spirit so we stopped. We just soaked in the spirit for like 5 minutes at the end. And then we set up our next appointment. So little was said in that lesson but we all learned so much. The simplicity and power of the spirit is more than enough to change lives. And that ultimately is the feelings of God’s love. It was such a good experience. And it taught me that sometimes we just need to simply and humbly ask God for truth. And with that, I invite you all to pray your questions to God so they can be answered at general conference. I promise they will be answered! 

I love you all! I hope you have a good week. 

     -Elder Schneider

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