Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

March 20, 2017

We survived Spring Break!

Another week down in the MBM. 

It was surprisingly good too. I thought it would suck cause it's spring break here so all of our investigators and members are gone, but it turned out well. We stayed pretty busy for the most part and had more lessons than we expected. 

One of the things that kept us pretty busy all week was exchanges. We went to every Elders area in the zone and blitzed their area. We just tried to find some new investigators and get some good things going to help out as much as possible. It was fun because the splits were only like 4 hours long so we just went hard for those 4 hours. We found some new investigators so that was good. 

Along with that we did Zone Training this last Friday. It was one of the better ones we've been a part of. I really felt the spirit in it. For me I really like the message of hope that it gave. We just have to trust in the Lord that there is people to be found. Sometimes we lose focus of that simple truth. 

The biggest news of this week was the baptism of Kelsie. It was one of the best baptisms I've been to. She was more than ready and she had so much support. I think there was around 55 people there. She had a bunch of family and friends come up from Utah to support her and her family from Hamilton came as well. And just some members from the Ward too. It was really well planned out so everything went really smoothly. Besides the fact that the font only filled up to about a foot and a half of water. But besides that it went really well. And her confirmation was great too. The whole day we were on a high. And she already has a meeting set up with the bishop so she can get a temple recommend. We are super happy for her! 

That's the main stuff from this week! I hope your week goes good too! Love you all! 

     -Elder Schneider

Kelsie on her baptism day
Boseman Zone YSA

Birthday Surprise from Zone Elders

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