Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

January 16, 2017

Hey all, That was fast!

It's been an eventful week! 3 main big things happened. 

First off, we had a zone conference in Butte. That was fun. We went up the night before so we could avoid waking up early to drive in the morning. We met there with the Butte and Helena Zones and learned quite a bit from our mission president and the assistants. It was also good to see some familiar faces. But the thing that scared me the most was the fact that I'm now an older missionary. There is only 3 missionaries that have been out longer than my group in the entire mission. Gotta keep my mind focused!

As for zone conference, we had interviews on Friday. President came through and gave us all and interview to see how we are doing. He's going to be doing that once a transfer now. But I really like meeting with President, it’s always a strengthening experience. He also told me of some things that could potentially be happening next transfer of which I'm not at liberty to tell anyone yet. Just regular mission stuff. But I got a blessing from him cause I thought it would be helpful for the work. I'm so glad I asked because I hadn't realized that it's been a year and a half since I've had a blessing so it was really needed. And plus mission presidents are super spiritual so he said some really amazing things. I truly am grateful for the mission president we have. 

And the last important thing that happened this week was a baptism! We didn't even expect to have one! Her name is Meg haha. Kind of funny because the last girl we baptized was named Megan. Anyway, she was gone over the break and just got back on Tuesday. So we met with her on Thursday and we just talked about where she is at since she left and then she asked us, can I get baptized on Saturday? Our eyes got huge and we were like, yeah, I think we can make that happen. So we set up a baptismal interview for Friday and had her baptized on Saturday. I have to say that two days to prepare isn't much time but she is getting married next week so she wanted to be baptized before they get married. She had taken all of the lessons before she left and has been to church several times so she was completely worthy and qualified, it just went so fast you couldn't even enjoy it hardly! But as long as she is happy that's all that matters right? I barely even knew her so it was like a flash and now she's gone and getting married and going into a family ward. Just like that!

I think that’s all that's worth mentioning for now. But I know that this work is real and that God is behind it. The church is true and the message we share changes lives. I've seen it! Hope your week goes well. I miss you all so much!

     -Elder Schneider


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