Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

February 20, 2017

A Place of Love and Beauty

Dearest Family and Friends, 

It's been a stellar week. Pretty tiring but stellar. One of our recent converts, Meg, got to go to the temple for the first time on the Saturday before the last! It was a super great experience for her. I got a picture with her holding her temple recommend cause she was so pumped to go. She got to take some family names and do baptisms for them. She also went again this last Saturday because she loved it too much haha. And guess what? I got to go the temple that same day too! I finally got to go to the temple after 19 months! It was great! We didn't go with Meg, we had exchanges planned with the assistants so we could be able to make it to the endowment and sealing of a family that Elder Tippetts taught in one of his areas. So we just were at the temple at the same time as Meg. It was great. And that was the first time that I had ever been to a sealing too. Quite the experience, I really enjoyed it. As well as Meg being there, Kelsey came too. She is our investigator on date for baptism next month. She loved it and had a really special experience just waiting in the waiting room. We had a lesson with her last night and she can't wait to go in and do some work there.

Like I said earlier, we went on an exchange with the assistants in Billings. It was a good time. It was also like a reunion. Elder Pett and Hoschouer and us are in the same transfer group so it was a little too fun. We reminisced a lot and me and Elder Hoschouer and Tippetts were all in the same room in the MTC so we could talk for days. But we did get some stuff done at least. 

We tried to get more creative with our finding efforts this week as well. On Valentine's Day we did a "love" Survey lol. It was super cheesy but it was different. We just walked around campus and had a bunch of these slips of paper for random students to fill out. It just had 4 questions that talked about love and Gods love for us. Surprisingly 50% of the people didn't even believe in God. Usually in Montana everyone has a Christian background so I'm not used to the variety of a college. It's good for me though, it stretches my understanding of things. 

Besides that just a bunch of small miracles. It's hard to keep track. One of our investigators we met with this week expressed all the things he was struggling with. He needs different work and is having a lot of family struggles. Because of all of this he's trying to know if Christ is real so we've been working with him a ton on living the gospel to get a spiritual confirmation and an experience with the atonement. So we asked him to pray right there for help with us. Right after he finished the prayer one of his friends texted him with some temporary work that he had for him. Which is exactly what he was needing was a new job. Miracles do happen, don't deny them! 

That's just a small little snapshot of the week, there's too much to write down. When you pay attention to the small things you don't have enough time or room to even write it all down! This is Gods work, this is his church and I know it. Hope you all have a good week! Enjoy the little things! Love you all :)

     -Elder Schneider

Meg with her recommend

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