Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

February 13, 2017

Can’t Complain

I hope your week was good! 

We have had some really good things happen this week. A bunch of the other missionaries in our zone keep giving us referrals because they keep coming across YSA people. So we have some really good things going. We have 3 people on date for baptism. The first is Alex, she's been working with the missionaries for a while now we just finally got her to commit. She's awesome and comes to church every week. The second is a girl named Kelsie. She was found in Belgrade and is a total miracle. She is already in Alma 3 and super into it and feels the spirit. She also has two friends on a mission which were really good examples for her too. And the last is Amelie. He's a man from Mexico that has a bunch of family in the Ward. So he's been coming to church for a while now and we had our first lesson with him last week and he said he knows this is the church he wants to stay with because of the way he feels. He also has accepted a baptismal commitment but he may take some more time to get that done because of some of his history. 

We also had Meg, our recent convert from Georgia go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time. She said it was such a good experience and she was like glowing. So that was also a huge miracle. She's on fire, she already has a calling and everything! 

Besides that, just staying busy. The members here help out so much. It's the dream really. Couldn't ask for a better situation. Just gotta take advantage of it while I got it! Thanks love you :)

     -Elder Schneider


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