Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

August 22, 2016

Spiritual Weekend

Hello hello,

It's been a great week. Once again, I never know where to start. But I can say that it's been fun. I got to meet some more of the people from the Sunriver ward this week. They are awesome. We are even getting a second place to live with some members in Sunriver since we cover such a wide area. Their name is the Nelsons. They're super cool. They have a sweet basement that they built to house old people but never got around to doing it so it's just been empty. They were happy to have us live there for a couple of nights a week.

I also met with the Ward mission leader of Sunriver. He's an awesome guy too. I'm always amazed at the caliber of members you find all over. Even the little rinkydink towns have amazing saints. But anyway, we discussed the progress of the ward and all of that good stuff. I'm excited to see the things that will happen.

Now the good stuff. So, this week were privileged to have Elder Christopherson come to our mission. It was so cool. There was such a buzz in the chapel as we were waiting for him. And when he walked in it just got silent and everyone's eyes were fixed on him, we all stood up at once. Haha he was so relaxed and comfortable compared to us. But he was very fun and easygoing, and spiritual of course. And he looks the same in real life as he does on TV if you were wondering. So that was a very special meeting. But wait! That's not all! The whole reason why he came up was to do a training for our stake president so he came to our stake conference as well. So I heard from him twice this weekend. All the missionaries from the stake got to sit on the stand behind him. It was sooo cool. It was interesting to watch him. I don't think he prepared a single thing for talk. All I saw him do was jot down a few notes from the previous speakers and then he got up there and gave a 45 min talk off his 5 lines he wrote. It was crazy. It's probably no big deal to him though, he's done way scarier things. And we all got to shake his hand after too. And then I went to the bathroom when it was all over and he was coming in the same time as I was going out so I held the door open for him as he walked in, pretty cool huh? I know. I'm just really glad I got to have that experience overall. My favorite part about it though was just how he's a normal guy. A very spiritual normal guy. It really made me appreciate him more just being able to see him at work and so on. And it made me glad that I wasn't an apostle because that's a huge deal! I'm happy to be where I'm at :)

So that was my highlight of the week. Besides that, not a whole lot to report on. The church is still true last time I checked and I'm still learning a lot so I guess that means I need to keep going. I miss you all and love you all!! Have a good week.

         -Elder Schneider

Me and Mac, he's a stud

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