Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

August 15, 2016

Well, I'm in my new area!

I've only been in Fairfield for a couple of days but I'm loving it already. The town is about 700 people and about 150 of them are active members. Sooo there should be a lot of member involvement. We cover the Fairfield and Sunriver wards which include about 8 towns total. And of course they are all spread around so we will be doing plenty of driving.. That's how my last area was though so I'm used to it. But each little town is fun. They all think they're the best and they're just these little rinkydink towns in the middle of nowhere haha. I haven’t been to the Sunriver wards area yet so I'm excited to get a chance to do that.

The Fairfield Ward is awesome, lots of good people. The hardest part is just remembering everyone's names!! There is like 8 families with the last name of Pearson and 5 with the last name of Schenk. So I can't just go by "brother Pearson" or 8 different men will turn around and be like, what? It will have to be a first name basis for some of these people. They are all great though from what I can tell. So far it seems like they have a lot people we could teach. I mean, everyone is connected to each other in some way or another. I think if I could get a giant family tree of the town that would help me out a bit. There are so many part member families and less actives that hide in the cracks that we've got to try. I've just got to learn who everyone is! It will take some time.

The leaders here are awesome too. The bishop is a very loving and missionary minded guy. And the stake president is as well. This is the first time I've been in an area where the stake president is in the same town as me. We've already gone out with him to see a family, it was great. He's only been in for around 2 months so he's just very open minded and ready to help. It seems like all of the ward leaders are that way actually. We visited the relief society president and she gave us like 10 people to find, and work with. So I suspect some baptisms will come just from the attitude of the Ward and its members.

My companion is pretty cool too. Elder Story is his name. He's been out for around 20 months. He's got a lot of knowledge which is nice. He's humble and ready to work. He can get kind of distracted though. I can see why he's been a junior companion for most of his mission. He's like a bank of knowledge he just gets in his own way haha. But I like some of his ideas he's been giving me. He's already been in the area for 3 months so he's helping me memorize who people are and so forth.

And one other cool thing happening is that the apostle Elder Christopherson is coming to the mission on Saturday for a mission training! Not only that, but he will also be at the Great Falls stake conference on Sunday. So I will hear from him twice this weekend! I came to the right area at just the right time to hear from an apostle. Super pumped. It will be something to remember.

That's all I've got so far. I'm super happy with where I'm at right now and who I'm with. This will be a fun transfer. I got my training on how to be a district leader from the zone leaders so I'm a pro now. Ha, not really. But it's more simple than I thought. I realized it's nothing special haha. But it's fun to get to know other missionaries more personally now. The Lord is doing great things! This is the Lords work and the church is true. Simple as that. It's a fact. I hope you all have a great week. Love you all!

          -Elder Schneider

Me and Elder Story

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