Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

August 8, 2016

Transfer News

District Leader

Sometimes the Lord moves us around pretty quick! We got transfer news yesterday. I'm getting transferred to the Great Falls zone to serve in the Fairfield and Sunriver wards! I served in my first two areas for six months and then this area for six weeks. Kind of random?  But I'm gonna be the district leader there so that will be cool. It seems like it's a pretty tough area though. Well, that's what I've heard at least. Doesn't scare me though. That's what was said to me when I got into Redlodge as well, and there are great things happening here. So I'm excited to start all over again in a new area. It kind of stinks to leave this area because it's so beautiful and I barely got to know everybody. And we also have a few people preparing for baptism so I won't be able to see that all the way to the end. I guess we will just have to do the same in Fairfield! My companions name is Elder Story. I don't know who he is, but I think he's been out longer than me? I'm not quite sure though. We will cross that bridge when we get there. And Elder Lankford is staying here and elder McMahon (my trainer) is getting transferred here! That's sweet! I hope he likes the area and gets some more things going. I'm sure he will.

There were some good things that happened this week. We helped a less active family move that was a in a sticky situation. Our branch mission leader actually told us about it so we all loaded up into his truck to go help this family. I will be honest, we were all pretty grumpy at first. Because they waited till the last minute to even start doing anything so they called us to get help. We got there and there was nothing packed. We just grabbed everything and threw them in the boxes, unorganized and all. But that's what you get when you need to be out that day and you have random people who don't know your stuff move you! But we ended being glad we did it. The family themselves barely even helped lol. We just counted it as an opportunity to help so we took it. They appreciated it and we got a free sweat in.

I'm gonna miss our service we get to do in this area. We do service at the wildlife sanctuary in Redlodge and that's always sweet. Cleaning the bear cage or putting up a fence for a bobcat. It's always something new. We also helped out at the old folk’s home in Columbus as well. We would play games with them on Tuesdays and Wednesday's. They love it. The old people appreciate the little excitement we bring in. I think they just like young people. It flatters them to see two young men take time out of their day to spend time with them. They are great people. And so hilarious too. I think I laugh harder from those people than anything else. Anything from old ladies that cuss in a bingo game to a guy who can't hear so just says random things that don't relate to anything anyone is saying. You get it all. I'll miss those people.
I must say that this transfer has been one of the tougher ones for me. But I can't deny that I've learned a lot. I wouldn't be ready for Great Falls if I didn't have this transfer to help me out a bit. I'm excited to meet my companion, I hope he's solid. Can't wait to get there! There's not much more to say! Love you all.

        -Elder Schneider

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