Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

October 10, 2016

Dear Reader, 

It's been a good week. Lots of learning and great experiences. The work is really picking up. My companion has got a lot of drive so we've been going pretty hard. Lots of testifying and whatnot. 

This week we decided it would be good to just hit up a lot of the smaller towns that rarely get attention. Like Simms, Fort Shaw and power. We spent a full day in Simms just walking around and knocking on doors and talking to random people. It was a good experience. We found some potentials so we are hoping they are ready to turn into new investigators. 

We also got to do some service this week since the leaves are falling and there is lots of raking to do. I love service, it's too much fun. And you always feel better after you leave. 

We also had some fun experiences in Power. Some pretty interesting people there! One that made us laugh was an old guy that we talked to. He came out before we could knock on the door and tried to wave us off but we asked him a few questions, cause ya know, we tend to do that as missionaries… but he had really bad hearing so he kept giving us answers that had nothing to do with what we asked. When we told him we were missionaries he replied with something along the lines of, "it's ok I can fix my own stuff" as he pointed at his cars and old junk. And then I asked him if he liked to read at all and he replied, "I'll eat whatever I d*** well please!". So it was a good laugh, even though we felt kind of bad that his hearing was so off. 

Also, random detail of this week. I hit my first animal ever since being on my mission. Which is quite surprising actually. But I hit a pheasant. It flew in front of us and I couldn't miss it. But that thing was big, like the size of a chicken. It broke the plastic of the grill on our Cruze. Oops. 

Snow! We got our first snow this morning as well. Just a little layer of powder on the ground but still snow. I've never had snow before Halloween.  I'm used to being able to wear normal clothes. Ha all the little kids will be dressed up as the same thing, Eskimos haha. But the weather here is crazy! Yesterday it got up to about 70 right? And then we went to a lesson around 4 and when we came out an hour later it had dropped down to low 50s and then after that we ate dinner it was high 30s. And now there is snow on the ground today.. so it in less than a 24 hour period it went from 70 to snow. I don't get it?? Elder Darner is dreading it haha, but he will adjust. That's what I keep telling him at least, I hope it actually happens. 

We also had the opportunity to be at a very spiritual baptism yesterday. He wasn't a convert baptism but it was just as exciting. This little boys name is Mac. He has down syndrom. There was a lot of family and friends there to support him. We all knew that he didn't really need to get baptized but it was just a good spirit because he really wanted to so he could be like the rest of his family. Many tears were shed. 

Anyways, that's all for this week. The church is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Enjoy it! Love you all!

        -Elder Schneider


Dinner at the apartment


Cruze damage

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