Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

October 17, 2016

Put me in Coach!
Hey guys, 

It has warmed up a bit, yes! The snow melted pretty quick and now it's back to a normal fall. I still got my wool socks out though, you can never be too ready for winter. 

As for new things this week, not a whole lot. But we have seen some tender mercies and miracles. We taught our Spanish investigator this last Wednesday and it went well. I testified in Spanish, it was kind of scary but it was fun. They all thought it was great. Our investigator really loved it. He was like muy buen muy buen! Haha he's great. 

We also did quite a bit of working with the Ward this week. We have seen a lot of relationships growing lately. And I think it's just cause we are really trying to be good missionaries haha. They notice that stuff though. We even had a member text us and tell us she thought we were the best missionaries they've had in their home in a while, which was probably an exaggeration but she was just really happy because we brought the spirit into their home when they needed it. She has some sons that are close to mission age and so she's trying to get them ready. But the Lord magnifies your efforts when you just try your best! 

Tracting has been the method for success lately. It seems like it doesn't ever directly lead to people to teach but it somehow leads you to people who are ready. It's an amazing process really. And it brings the spirit with you when you're doing all you can to find people. 

Football season is in full swing here. And EVERYONE goes to watch high school football. On Friday we tried to see if we could do something else besides go to the football game but there was seriously no one around. Every door we knocked on they weren't there. So we finally just threw our hands in the air and said fine! And we went to finish our night by talking to people at the game. It actually wasn't a bad experience though.  We were thinking that members would be like, oh great, those kind of missionaries, but actually they were all like, hey it's good to see you. I guess it's better to be where the people are even if it doesn't seem like a "spiritual" place. Exposure is good. And plus it was fun to be in the atmosphere of Friday night lights. It brought back a lot of memories. I was like, coach, put me in!! Haha not really, but it's kind of how I felt. 

We had the Ward primary program in church yesterday. That was so fun to watch. I laughed so much. All the little kids have such unique personalities. And there is always that kid who practically eats the microphone and blasts noise through the speakers and makes the old man in front of you jump. Good times. 

Training is going great. Elder Darner is already so advanced, I don't really even know what I'm helping him with but he's turning out good so that's good enough for me. We just keep plugging along! 

That's pretty much all for me this week. The work is tough but worth it. The gospel changes lives, I've seen it. I hope it's changing yours! Have a good week :)

        -Elder Schneider

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