Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

July 18, 2016

Hey everybody,

Another week on the mish, always new things happening, lots of driving too. We did quite a bit of finding this week. That's always a blast. Well, if you let it. We've been trying to do more stuff in the town of Redlodge, but there is little success that comes from it. It's a tough town to work in because it's mostly just tourists, so most of our success is coming from the surrounding towns. For example, Redlodge had a motorcycle rally this weekend. That's not good for missionary work haha. I've never seen so many motorcycles in a small town. It was pretty cool to see though. We had a lady invite us to dinner that we had never met before. She is member that's a snow bird so she just comes here for the summer. Anyway, so we go to this ladies house we've never met. Holy cow they had some deep pockets. These people had a 1.2 million dollar home on the side of the mountain. That's not cheap. But they were super cool. Her husband is actually not a member but loves the missionaries. Not interested though, kinda weird. But it was super fun. She made us some quality Mexican food. Man, I miss good Mexican food. So it was a really fun night at some rich people's house.

We also got to celebrate Elder Lankfords soon to come birthday. There are some members from his last area that were passing through so they brought him some cake and sang a song really quick. It was fun, he enjoyed it.

We also got to do some pretty good service this week. Service feels good. We do service at the Redlodge wildlife sanctuary and they always have plenty for us to do. Last week we cleaned out the bear cage. And this week they were putting in a new fence. And so we dug fence post holes for a while. I got a couple of nasty blisters from it. I was very proud of those blisters though. My hands have gotten to soft.

That's all for this week, I'm starting to lose track of all that happens. I should just write it in my iPad at the end of the day. Then I have it all. Love you guys :)

       -Elder Schneider

Legit Blisters
Note from Mom: Amazon Prime Package in the background, good to see he gets them.

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