Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

July 25, 2016

Chillin n Grillin

Yet another week. Can't remember half of it so I'm thinking that means it was good. Sometimes we just gotta stop and look around and see where we are at.

We were able to do some good things this week. We have been on foot more because the mission is really cracking down on miles. It's been good for us. We meet way more people on foot than in the truck going from person to person. Although, we did walk ourself into an awkward situation, I accidentally knocked on the door of a crazy lady that we were told not to go visit. Oops. Once she invited us in it was too late. She immediately started asking for a bunch of things she wanted the church to do for her. Paint her house, move furniture, etc. and she's missing and eye, which kind of makes it like the perfect crazy lady story. And to make it worse she came to church and was asking the branch president for all this stuff and eating food out of the fridge. Yeah we felt kind of bad. We try to be nice and accept her but apparently she's got problems that no one in the church can help her with so there isn't much we can do for her. Good things Christs atonement covers all of our imperfections.

We were also in Redlodge a bit more than normal this week. It's difficult to get stuff going in that busy little town. It seems like everyone who lives there tries to get away from the ruckus and then when there isn't anything going on they want you to leave them alone. For example, there was a car show this week. Like a million old restored cars show up from nowhere (Although I can't complain about a car show). But it just gives the town a buzz when social stuff like that is going on. It's just not the best for missionary work. But hey, we tried our best.

With the whole miles situation we are in we have been trying to find another place to stay in Columbus or Absarokee for half of the week. It eats up our miles to drive 80 miles to go to Absarokee and back. If we could stay for a few days at a time we could save hundreds of miles. But it's looking pretty unlikely that we will find a place. We have pretty much exhausted all other possibilities besides getting another apartment, which is very unlikely to happen. Me and my companion were thinking about investing in an RV. We think it would be the best of both worlds, don't you think? Haha that would be the dream, we will live with what we've got now.

The work is also picking up. We have a baptism this Saturday actually. His name is Carl. I don't really feel like it's our baptism because it's not our baptism haha. Our branch mission leader found and taught this guy and got him all ready to where he only had to pass the interview. And we have to put him in our records because future missionaries still need to know about him. So it looks and counts as if we did everything but we didn't. I'll still pretend like I was a part of it though ;) and besides that we are also teaching another family that is progressing really well. A less active guy in the ward recently got married to a nonmember so he wanted to start to bringing the gospel back into the picture. So we have been teaching her and her daughter. It's going well. They are recognizing the blessings of living the gospel. We are hoping they will be ready for early August, or August at all.

I'm learning a lot in this area. This is the first time being in a branch, well, two branches. It's been a great learning experience. It's making me stronger, which is what I need. :)

         -Elder Schneider

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