Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

July 11, 2016

It's pretty here!

Hey everybody,

How are you all doing? Good, that's good to hear. This week has gone fairly well. We've done some good things. On Tuesday we had a really good district meeting that got us a pretty excited to do some missionary work. We all prayed about and asked God how many people he wanted us baptize this coming transfer to set a goal. So we did. My companion and I came up with a pretty high number, considering that the area hasn't had anything like that in a while. And I was kind of surprised but excited. But then I also looked to my companion and was like, you know we are going to have to shape up if this is going to happen. So he's been improving on his desire to work in the Lords way. It always starts in the studies though. If we don't study out of Preach my Gospel then we won't be the missionaries the Lord wants us to be. I'm pretty sure that when the church made preach my gospel it was to be applied to every missionary, unless there are certain circumstances that wouldn't permit that kind of missionary work. So yeah, I'm working on having us both do better on knowing how to be the best missionaries. We've got a goal to reach!

We have had some pretty cool little miracles though. I think the whole process of finding is like one big miracle. We just start from nowhere and go by the spirit and find people that are being prepared. Out of thousands of people we have to find the prepared. It always makes me smile. But anyway, we were visiting a part member family and after we finished hat we decided to go knock on their neighbors across the street that looked like they had a family. A lady answered the door and let us right in, which doesn't happen normally. So we get to talking and she's an older less active member of the church that has her grandson and his wife living with her. He thought he was baptized but when he told us how he was baptized we realized that he wasn't baptized into the Mormon Church because his story sounded super weird. But they ended up being open to letting us come over and go through the lessons with them. The grandma didn't have her records in the area so she was just under the radar for a long time. But she really has a desire to come back and to get her grandkids in it as well. It was pretty sweet. We will see if they continue to pull through with it all.

We also went to a little town event called Nye goes nuts. Nye is a little tiny town like an hour away that we cover. But this place is beautiful! And they were having like a little festival or carnival thing that we decided to go to. It was really fun. We had a random lady come and invite us to sit with her family, which I don't think were members, but they acted like them. They live in Nevada and were just visiting family and knew who the missionaries were, so they came and snagged us. We got to know them a bit and they were really cool. It made me want to be like them when I am in their shoes and I see the missionaries looking awkward at a festival, haha.

This week was also the first time that I went to the Red Lodge branch. We switch branches each week. Red lodge branch is a little bigger than Absarokee. It's growing a little more. But the people there were awesome. I really enjoyed them. It's kind of funny though because most of the members that go don't even live in Red Lodge itself, they come from the surrounding towns. This is a lot of driving for everyone, especially us. We will easily drive over 100 miles in a day. Which I'm not used to, it feels like I'm wasting time but it's what we have to do if we want to cover the all the area. It's rarely a short trip to go to someone's house. And I have to learn so many roads! There is like a million back roads that go through the country from town to town and farm to farm. You could get lost if you don't know what you're doing. It's kind of a fun challenge though.

I'm glad to be out here and doing what the Lord wants me to do. It's crazy that I've been out a year, I still feel like a child. It's going to be really, really weird when I'm 20 because I won't be a teenager anymore. But I've still got a while to be 19. I will enjoy it while it lasts. The mission is good for me, I'm grateful to get the chance to grow up a little. I love you all, have a good week!

          -Elder Schneider

Our district with cups of dirt

Oustside of Scoops Waiting for Gina & Kenny

Enjoying some ice cream

Kenny & Gina

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