Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

July 4, 2016

Well, I'm in Red Lodge! 

It's a beautiful area! But holy crap we cover a lot of land. It takes us nearly an hour to get to the Absarokee branch building. So we use a LOT of miles. I'm with Elder Lankford right now, he's been here for a transfer already. It helps to have someone who knows the area. It's a lot to learn. We cover 8 towns but we really only get to work in 3 of them regularly. It's going to take some time to learn all of this. We live members. Their name is the Fowlers. Brother Fowler is actually our branch mission leader, he's a stud. He does great missionary work.

The work in this area is a little sad to be honest with you guys. The two branches are small and dwindling. There is this feeling of no hope kinda. Especially in missionary work. My companion has been out for around 7 1/2 months and he kind of thinks he's tried everything. Which he hasn't. No one has tried everything. It's a work in progress.Leaving Thermopolis was so hard! Saying goodbye to all of the people sucked. I got some pictures with them though, that makes it better right? It was like leaving home again. But there are lots of good things going on there. Elder Palmer has some good things lined up so I have no worries.

All I can say for my area right now is that it has huge potential. I just have to get me and my companion on the same page. Some TLC should do the trick. And that may be harder than I'm imagining but it wouldn't be as much of a reward if it didn't make me stretch. Hopefully there will be some good things coming in the future emails! Every day is new day. The lord is watching over me! I love you all, enjoy your week!

              -Elder Schneider

Goodbye Elder Palmer
Dog Selfie

Elder Lankfort new Comp

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