Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

May 23, 2016


Dear Readers,

It's been an eventful week. Lots of stress! But it's good for me to have that every once in a while.

We were in charge of the Ward activity this month. We had it last Friday. So me and elder Palmer and Brother Stewart did the whole thing. And none of us had ever done anything like that before!! We didn't realize how much we had to do until a few days before and we were scrambling everything together!! But it actually went pretty good. We had a good number of people show up and our activity went good. We had a barbecue and then we gave each household a BOM to write their testimony in and then we had a camera set up in the foyer to take a picture of them to put in the BOM. And we got hold of a Polaroid so we could instantly get the pictures to stick in their BOM. It was fun, I think they enjoyed it! But oh man, was I sooooo stressed the whole time! I barely ate that night because I had to do all of the scary things like explain what was going on to everybody and run the show. Elder Palmer was being a baby in the back helping barbecue and was to shy to do any of that stuff. And brother Stewart was too shy too!  It kind of made me mad but I got over it haha. But hey, now I know how to run a Ward party when I get into another area.

And then to add to that stressful Friday night I got sick. I woke up i0n the middle of the night with chills and a fever. It sucked. I'm still getting better now. It wasn't too bad fortunately. Although in church I got a heat flash and starting sweating like crazy! You could see it on my face, it looked like I had just rand in 110 degrees in my suit. Oh well haha.

We also taught seminary this morning. Sister Maddock called us on Friday night to see if we would be willing to teach the class s0omething since the old testament course is over. She has to keep seminary going until school is out so she called us haha. But we taught how we need to prepare ourselves spiritually for summertime and put on the armor of God. It went fairly well. As good as a couple of sick missionaries could do haha.

We've been finding a few more people to teach now that the people we were teaching earlier either got baptized or dropped. We have a less active guy returning to activity that has a sister that is interested, so we are excited to see where that goes. She's our most promising prospect right now. The rest of the people we are teaching probably w0on't get baptized this transfer. We are teaching a couple that is ready they just have to get married and they won't be getting married until September so we can't get them baptized till after that. But they are awesome. They're making some really good changes.

That's all I've got to report on for now. Just know that I love God and his children. It's always an adventure out here and I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now. The scriptures and words of prophets bring new meaning into my life that I could get nowhere else. I've learned to enjoy the ride instead of worry about my inadequacies, it's a lot better that way. The church is true! I love
you all!

     -Elder Schneider

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