Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

May 30, 2016

Hey everybody,

Soooo I've been sick all week and have been laying around most of the week so there isn't a whole to report on. Being sick sucks. But I got a blessing and a member from our Ward loaded me up on pills to get better. I'm almost over it now.

But, to add something interesting into this email, we had a random guy call us this week and invite us over for dinner. We were kind of nervous about it at first but it turns out this guy is ready to get baptized. He has an LDS girlfriend that lives out of town that has been a really good influence on him so he's been pretty much living the gospel but Unbaptized. So we set up expectations and told him how he would get baptized and it all went smooth. That was very much a blessing from the lord! We are meeting with him again on Wednesday, we are excited for that!

We also helped the Ward in being a part of the 5th Sunday program. This Ward is making me get used to speak in front of them all! But the theme of the meeting was our Ward mission plan. So we had several people get up and say a few things and so on. It went good. I was afraid I was going to hack up a lung on the audience cause I have a raging cough but I did pretty good. It was a double thumbs up.

There really isn't much more to say honestly. I've been laying around all week trying to get better. It really has been hard not to be able to do anything. I feel terrible about it but nobody likes a sick missionary. It will be good to get back to work!

     -Elder Schneider

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