Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

May 16, 2016

Always and Adventure
Dear Everyone,
It's always a blast to out here in Thermopolis. And guess what, we got transfer news. I'm staying ANOTHER transfer here with Elder Palmer. That means in 1 year I will have only had 2 areas and 4 companions. I feel good about it. There is still more good things happening here.

A less active man that is coming back to the church is bringing his non member sister. We have met with her once and actually got the chance to sit down and get to know her. She has had a very interesting life. She was a professional butler for many years and has met a lot of important people. But her humility and desire to do good is something to be admired. She recognizes what's really important in life and wants to see if we can help her with some questions she's had. She just kind of wonders what this whole life thing is for! And we were like, we would love to tell you! But she's a great lady. I think the coolest part about it all though was how we even got to that point to where she could open up to us. For the first 30 min we were just getting to know her and tell her who we were and without us even having to bring it up she just got onto a gospel subject and ended up spilling out all of her feeling to us and seeing what we could do to help. And it just really showed me of how when people are ready for something more they will recognize the opportunity. We read to her Alma 16:16-17 and explained to her how the lord has been a part of her life for a long time to help her find the truth. And that she would know it when she found it. It was really neat to see it work out that way.

Another fun thing that happened was a random blessing from God. So last week we were just walking through the store to get food and some random lady walks up to us super happy to see us. She then explained how she was a very devout Catholic but had some good friends from Arizona that were LDS. Those friends told her that whenever she sees the missionaries they need to invite them out for a home cooked meal. So that's what she did for us! And so we went and had a very lovely lunch at this nice old couple’s house and got to make some new friends! She was a nun for 30 years and had had some similar experiences as us missionaries so it was cool to see her life experiences in serving. Anyways, we took a picture with them at the end of lunch for fun and continued on our way! It was fun :)

We also had stake conference this week which was really great. Our area seventy, Elder Hintze, came and spoke to us. I really like what he had to say. Because most of what was talked about was missionary work so he then explain how we must always remember that we are not in control but rather the lord is. We can't stop his work but we sure can make it go faster! It was really comforting to hear. It also made me realize that I'm not responsible for how well someone else receives the gospel. I just do what the spirit says and live them and leave the rest to God and that individual. It made me feel good.

We also are teaching a lady named Helene right now. She just moved here from California and had taken many lessons from the missionary's in the past and wanted to continue learning. We've been working with her in a member’s home which has helped a lot. We will see where she goes! I think it will go great.

I would just like to end my email with a part of my testimony that's been on my mind a lot lately. And that's enduring to the end. I like to call it enjoying to the end. We sometimes feel that the gospel is a stressor rather than a reliever. And it was not intended to be that way. It's to give us a peace of conscience and greater understanding to enhance our ability to feel joy. I mean, if we are not comfortable with the gospel here than why would it be comfortable in heaven with our Heavenly Father?? So my point is, take the gospel for what it is. It's a guide to happiness and nothing else! And I say that in the name of Jesus Christ amen! :)

     -Elder Schneider

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