Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

March 7, 2016


More Blessings

Family and friends!

It's been a great week. I feel like there is so much to talk about! I'll just keep it simple.

We did a lot of lessons with less actives this week. More specifically, old people less actives. We visited this one guy in the Pioneer home (old folks home) and that was a blast. He showed us all of his puzzles that he had made and the current project he was working on. It was precious to see this little old man who loved his puzzles. We also taught another old guy who is a recent convert. How the missionaries before us baptized him, I don't know! That must have been a process! He's a great guy.

We also had a lot of lessons with solid investigators too. We had a lesson with this non member named Ricky. He lives with a less active. Anyway, when we set up the lesson with him a week ago we didn't have high hopes for him. He was screaming to his neighbor how his dog got kicked by a dear while it was pooping, so we were like, that probs won't go anywhere. But we show up to the lesson and they were both so prepared! By the end of the Restoration lesson he asked us, so what do I have to do to be baptized? That's probably the sweetest words someone can say to you as a missionary. So yeah we told him the whole check list and he was like, ok I'll do it. We have another lesson with him tonight and we are hoping we can talk about how we can start now to get him ready for baptism.

We also taught Kaylee twice this week in the Maddocks home. Man oh man is she cool. She bore her testimony in testimony meeting this week! I was so pumped! We finished all the main lessons with her and now we are just finishing up the smaller commandments and laws. The only thing that is tough is that her mom is a less active that is making her make sure she is ready so she can't pick a date. But she is so ready! She told us she wants to go on a mission for cryin out loud! So we are praying for her and her mom that that will all work out. I'm guessing it will happen sooner than later.

And we also taught Jaydon this week too. We finished the first three lessons with him and he is doing good. He calls dibs on the closing prayers at the end of each lesson haha. So that's a good sign! He just has to be strong in school and stand firm to what he knows to be true, because being in high school is a hard time to make the right choices. But I have faith.

We had our final lesson for Michelle this week. We've got the baptism program all set up so we are good to go! I can't wait! She is getting baptized and confirmed by two different members of the Ward so that will be really special for her. And her confirmation is on my birthday so that will be a sweet birthday present from God. And she is inviting a bunch of friends and family to that so hopefully some non members or less actives will feel the spirit there and be like, I want that more. That's just my hopes for that anyway.

We have one more part member family we are working with but its not really steady yet so we will see how that goes in the future. I will give you all the details when that develops a little more. But it sufficeth me to say that they have a large amount of potential.

Our random adventure of the week was that we had a guy threaten to call the cops on us if we ever came back. It's funny how we see such a difference in people here! One minute you've talked about baptism and then next you have someone threaten you. It spices things up a bit.

That's what's happening with me in Wyoming.  I'm loving it. Too many blessings to count and I thank my Heavenly Father for them every day. There is nothing that brings a feeling of fulfillment like diligent missionary work. I love you all and hope you have a good week!

        -Elder Schneider

An old register
Text from Jason an investigator

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