Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

March 21, 2016

Good Times

Dear family and friends,

I missed writing last week. It was a busy preparation day. Bishop took us up to his cabin for the day for some fun. That was a blast! It's about an hour drive to the big horn mountains and then a 10 min walk up to the cabin. We drove around in his snow cat and did some sledding. Then we played dominos and came back.

Last week we also had a baptism for one of our investigators, Michelle. It was a great experience! She was so happy and the spirit was strong. I got to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, which was fun. And then she was confirmed that Sunday. I think she was pretty happy after all was said and done. I'll send some pictures of it.

And this week was good too! We finally got Kaylee on date and she is getting baptized on Friday haha. It's a short on date. But she was ready she just had to get approval from her less active mom. So we have that all set up now and we are just waiting for Friday! It was quite a miracle actually. Because she has a bunch of step family that was making it hard on her and stuff but she was determined to do what's right so she just said she's getting baptized anyways, cause they're not helping her at all by doing that.

We also had a really cool experience with a less active named Gene Moody. So we were going through our MLS reports and we were trying to find a different less active. He wasn't home so we knocked on his neighbors door just too see if we could get some info from him. Well the person who answered the door was Gene Moody. And we set up a lesson with him because he's less active and went on with our lives. Well, we get to the lesson and that was sooo spiritual. It was like a punch in the face, we weren't expecting it. Have you all seen the addiction recovery videos? Well if you haven't, you should because this guy was like a real life experience of that. He expressed to us the changes he wanted to make in his life and he was so sincere it was amazing. He testified to us that we knocked on his door for a reason. That was really cool. So that was a blessing to be a part of. So never doubt a prompting people! Be optimistic, there is a reason for everything God asks you to do.

My birthday last week was good. Not much to talk about that, just another day. So yeah, there ya go. Oh and thanks for the stuff mom and whoever sent those! I appreciate it :)

There is still a lot of stuff developing with the people we are teaching. We will have to see where that goes. So I won't talk about the people we are teaching because none of it is for sure yet.

One of the funny experiences we had this week was a funeral we went to earlier this week. Well, I shouldn't say funny, I should say, different. But there was someone who died in our Ward that wanted to have her funeral at the church. Well, no one knew who she was so bishop just invited any members of the Ward to come, so we came! And that was a really strange funeral! There was a part were anyone could go up to make some comments. That kind of backfired. There was a guy that went up there and said some swear words and then played s song off his phone into the mic. Then there was a guy throwing up in the bathroom that we could all hear. It was so strange. Bishop got up after and apologized for the inappropriate things said and done haha. I hope my funeral doesn't go that way.
Anyways, I miss you and love you all! Have a good week :)

     -Elder Schneider

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