Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

April 18, 2016

Weekly Update :)

Hey everyone,

It's been a fantastic week. Seen lots of good things happen. Many spiritual experiences that have really helped me. So I'll tell you about them!

First off, we had a zone training this week. That was powerful as always. We talked a lot about finding people and how to properly use Facebook because a lot of missionaries have been abusing Facebook. So that was uplifting and spiritual. We got another zone picture that I'll send to you.

Augie is all set for baptism this Saturday! She did great in her interview and is excited to be baptized. She even posted it on her Facebook so that was super cool to see. She's even been talking about the temple a lot too. I think it's her goal to go do temple work for some of her family that has passed on and in a year she wants to get her endowment. That's just a goal for now but I could very much see her making it happen. And if she got her endowment we would be able to go to be a part of it, which would be sweet. Nothing more amazing than seeing someone go through the temple.

Another cool miracle happened this week. I almost don't feel comfortable saying it because it was handed so freely to us that it almost is sickening. We had a man by the name of Andrew call us on Wednesday and tell us he wants to learn about the LDS religion and meet with us. When we got the call it was almost too good to be true so we didn't put much hope into it. But we met with him like we planned and wow, were we wrong.  He told us some of his difficult life in the past and expressed over and over how he just wanted something more. He is sick of how his life is going and there is no reason to even be happy. He just really said that he's searching for what's out there and true. So we told him briefly some things we could offer to him and bore testimony. He felt the spirit and said that maybe there was something different to us than other religions because he grew up in foster homes his whole life and had never felt like they were right. So we set up a lesson for the next day on Thursday and taught him about Lehi’s vision of the tree of life and related it to him. He really got excited when it not only made sense to him but that it was true. So we set up another lesson for the next day which was Friday haha. We taught him the restoration this time. And that was a really cool experience. He truly believed it all and immediately gained a testimony that this is Christ’s church and gospel on the earth today that is lead by a living prophet. At the end of the lesson he just basically bore his testimony to us that he knows this is true because no one can offer the things that we offer, because no one else has a living prophet. He just knew that Joseph smith saw God with therefor means we have continual revelation today. It was super cool. So he set up another lesson for the next day haha, which was Saturday. This time we taught him the plan of salvation. Once again, soaked it all in and new it was true. It was really cool to see his real intent show up when we explained that our purpose in life is to grow and learn to prepare to happily live with God. He was like, I want to make it to the celestial kingdom, I have to. What do I need to do? Haha that was a great question! We explained baptism and repentance and how that shows that we have accepted Christ as our Savior and we make a covenant to follow and serve him for the rest of our lives. And he was like, great I want to do that, it's the only thing that will really make a change. So we started making a plan for him to start repenting now and to make the changes necessary for baptism. Then we closed that lesson and he was like, can we meet again tomorrow? Haha he's just soaking it in. So he came to church and enjoyed that, then at 3 we watched the restoration movie at members house with him because he already thinks Joseph Smith is a stud and wants to learn all about him. Then we ended that by giving him a blessing to give him strength to overcome his trials. He called later that night to say thanks and how he was feeling great. He's such a stud! We love him! We aren't meeting with him tonight though because we already have appointments set with others but we will be meeting with him again tomorrow. I'm excited for that. We got a picture with him that I'll send ya.

That's most of the cool stuff that happened. But I'm still learning so much out here. I'm finding that the more I know the simpler it gets. I know that's kind of obvious but it's true. But I just want to keep learning! I still feel like a baby both spiritually and physically! Haha, maybe the physical part will stay for a pretty long time lol. But the Lord is good and he's pouring out his spirit into this area like crazy! I just gotta go find these peeps! I just gotta have faith, it always goes back to that!

Anyways, I think that's all for this week. I wish I could write it all but I don't have the time or patience. But I love you all!

     -Elder Schneider

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