Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

April 11, 2016

The Lord has his hand in things

Hey everyone!

Another week gone by already! It's getting harder and harder to know what to write you guys because Everything is a blur and I can't put it all into one email and do it any justice! But I'll give you some of what happened.

This week I got my first chance to work on a ranch! It was fun. Although I wouldn't say that I did any of the real work, it was more of just sitting there and moving cows around. But the Shumway’s were the ones to invite us out and they had us help them with vaccinating their cows. So we would direct the cows into the shoot so they could keep them still to give them a shot and a mark that showed they had been vaccinated. It was more brutal than I thought it would be! These cows can move quicker than you think!! And when they are in the shoot they try so hard to get out so they can get pretty crazy. It was a blast though! And to add to that, I got a hot farmers tan, I'll send you guys a pic.

We had some pretty cool things happen this week regarding our people we are working with. We had a less active guy come to church that we have been working with. He's been inactive for quite some time and hardly keeps any of the commandments. But he came to church and had a really spiritual experience and even got a blessing and met with the bishop to get things in order. We saw our bishop last night and he said he's really excited for him so that means it was a pretty big miracle haha.

We also had some really great testimonies at fast and testimony meeting. There were several testimonies that were directed towards one of our investigators. And one of the members testified of missionary work and said how grateful she was to have the opportunity to come out with us to a couple of lessons. That made me feel pretty loved so I was grateful for that.

Funny story, we had another one of our investigating families watch conference. So we had a member call us in the middle of the week and was like, Darlene has some huge problems with what she heard from conference about the LDS church, she heard it is the only church that can offer the things necessary to return to live with God. So we were like ok, this is scary. So we went over there the next day to just swing by, because we are pretty close with this family and they like random visits. We get to the subject of conference and she was like I have a question for y'all, and we were like ok what is it? And she was like I don't like how that woman said only the church she was in can get you into heaven. And we were like, yes, the LDS church is the only church that can offer the ordinances to get you into the celestial kingdom. You can still be saved into another kingdom if you choose not to accept Christ’s gospel but the LDS church is the only one that can offer the true and complete gospel along with the authority. And she was like, so I have to drive up to Utah and go to that church she's in to make it to heaven? I don't agree with that. And we were like hahaha noooooooo it has nothing to do with what church building you go to it just matters that you go to the church of Jesus Christ, which we have all over the world. The church you went to on Sunday is the same church. And she was like oh ok that makes more sense. Haha but it was just funny to see her so concerned with something she had completely wrong, but she got it all cleared up.

Last thing I want to write about. We found a really cool new investigator by the hand of the lord. So we were going to a member’s house to talk about missionary work, but it wasn't a set lesson so when we get there they weren't home. So we were just kind of outside the house about to walk away and their neighbor is like, they're not home guys sorry. So we were like oh ok, and he was like what? I can't hear you, let me come outside. So he came out and we started talking and it ended up turning into a confession session. Without us even really trying, this guy just starts telling us his rough past, and is like I don't share this stuff until I feel I can trust someone, and we had been there for like 5 minutes and said like 10 words haha. So he just opens up to us and somehow knew he could trust us, which is exactly what we want. So we gave him a brief statement of what we believe and gave him a BOM to read and we set up another lesson. And we went to it and it was awesome. He will take a lot of time but I'm just glad we found him at all. He has such good intentions and just seemed to have bad luck really. So we are excited to see how the gospel can bless his life! When people are ready to find the truth the Lord makes it happen! It was nothing we did like I said, he just was ready. Tender mercies right there.

I know without a doubt the message we share is true. It's so great to know that no matter what. It makes me want to share it even more when I get spiritual confirmations every time I read out of the BOM. So if you don't feel the power of the gospel, read the BOM! It's amazing I tell ya!

That's all for this week, love you all!

-Elder Schneider
Farmer Tan

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