Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

January 25, 2016

A Strange Week.

Hey Everybody,

So, this week flew by! It had some goods and bads. But overall it’s always good to be out here. We had so much random stuff happen this week! I guess maybe it was just to change things up? 

So we did a ton of service this week. We helped a less active guy shingle his house. I learned to shingle a roof, I was pumped! We did his whole roof. Just us two and him, proud of me Dad? Haha it was awesome though. I took some before and after pictures. And we were like, Brad (the less active guy), you better come to church! And he did, which was good because we would have killed him if he didn't. Along with that, we helped an active couple move. And that only took like 2 hours but it was worth mentioning. Sometimes I wish I could just do service all day every day! 

We also had another new experience this week. So last week we tracted into this old guy who invited us to his bible study class that he does in his house. He said it was non-denominational so we didn't need to worry about bashing or anything like that. He was like, we would love to have you there! So we thought about it a bit and decided to go. I guess we thought we could learn something there or maybe sneak in some true doctrine that would convert these preachers from other religions. So we show up, and walk in. The room was plumb full of pastors and preachers! There was probably 9 of them in his tiny living room. He had a fold out table with some chairs around it. They were like, Gentlemen welcome! Pull up a chair and take out your bible! So of course we sat down and got comfy and what not. And they're like, were in Mark chapter somethin. So we go there and just start reading the Bible. And I was like hey, this is kind of good! Because they were just reading through and explaining the story line and talking about Christ. So I had no complaints for like the first half hour. But then after we finished reading and discussing the story line then they asked, so what are we learning here? And that's when it got not so fun anymore. They all started going off the traditional Christian beliefs. By grace we are saved!! And some of the guys made some comments that were directed towards our church but just without saying the name of the church. They were like, Some religions believe that they can work or earn their way into heaven, which you can’t do! And me and Elder Peterson knew they were talking about the LDS church. But we didn't say anything we just threw in our two cents here and there. So we suffered through that for a bit and then they closed with a prayer. And as we were leaving they were all like, thanks for coming it was a pleasure to meet you, please come again! And we were like, huh yeah sure. But they were all genuine good guys. They truly believed in Christ and cared for me and my companion they just didn't like the church we go to. And after we got home we discussed what they were saying and we said all the things we wish we could've said there and vented for a bit. But I was glad I went. I learned how true the gospel is from it. So I guess I did learn something from it! The gospel is true!

We also had some experiences with one of our more strange investigators. We have this investigator that has been taught forever and doesn't progress. She has some really strange ideas and has some really strange stories that she claims to be true. And she’s a person with really good intentions but kind of misses the whole point of what we are doing! Shas like, I love god and want to serve him and I know your message is true. But she doesn't change a thing. She kind of misses the whole process of repentance and changing your life to live his gospel! So she thinks she knows God perfectly and that she has perfect faith. And the reason why I'm telling you this is because we just started teaching her boyfriend. And he is the nicest and coolest guy ever. He’s so humble and laid back. But when we teach him she messes it all up! She'll start going off on how she can heal people and stuff like that and it freaks him out. He’s like, honey, I don't like when you talk like that. And we just want to say, look into our eyes Mike and ignore her, she’s crazy. But we can't do that of course. So it’s really making it hard to be able to teach him the truth and bring the spirit when his girlfriend is freaking him out with stuff that is weird and not doctrinal. So it’s a real struggle we have right now! We are praying that what she tells him doesn't mess up what we are teaching him. He’s so prime and we don't want to lose him! But his girlfriend actually came to church though. And that really caught us off guard because she normally doesn't keep commitments and we were kind of scared that she would say something sketchy in church! But she didn't, it all went well and we are hoping that she keeps coming so that maybe the spirit will change her mind on some things. 

Those are the two major things that happened this week that I wanted to tell you all. Besides that it was another ordinary week. Almost everything we set up fell through but the Lord provided ways for us to stay busy and do good things. We gave two blessings which always give us a spiritual boost when we need it. There is almost always something we can do! And I'm thankful he is watching out for me and taking care of us. I know this Gospel is true. I know God lives. I know that Christ is our savior and that it is ONLY through him and living his gospel that we can receive a fullness of joy. It’s all complete and beautiful. I love the Gospel! I love you guys and wish you luck until next week!

          -Elder Schneider

Roof Before

Roof after

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