Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

January 18, 2016

Hey Guys! 

Another week, like always. Still weird here.

Some pretty good things happened this week, also some not good things. Just my overall attitude of this week was good. I’m really trying to be more consecrated as a Missionary. I’m trying to get rid of all of the things that would hold me back. Our president really stressed this when I came out. It’s just like consecrated oil. We are set apart to do one thing. Serve the Lord. Nothing else. Not to chill with members for two hours or waste time. And that requires a lot of sacrifice. I have to put my pride aside and forget about myself to do what the Lord wants me to do. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do. But it’s not easy. I see how much I need to work on and it sucks. But I know that that attitude will help a lot. 

We did some pretty awesome things this week. So our teaching pool is shrinking by the day. Our people just keep dropping us. And I think it’s a lack of effort on our part to keep them on track. We sometimes talk to our investigators only once a week. And the adversary can do a lot in a week. So we’ve been trying to find more people and to get more members involved in finding them. So we did a ton of finding this week. But it was good to see the result that came from it. We found a couple new people and are still finding more. We are really working hard to get the members to do their missionary work. If we can get them to reach out to their family and friends then we could have so many more people to teach. We just need to inspire our members. Our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader are a huge help in all of this. They love the idea of members doing missionary work. So we have made some pretty sweet plans to talk to the ward about missionary work. We are speaking the Sunday after next on Missionary work and then the fast Sunday of February we are doing a ward fast for missionary work. We are just gonna bring the house down with the spirit to get them to invite their friends!

We also had a zone training this week. That was great. We talked about a few specific things. We are trying to bring back more obedience and involvement with members, which was perfect because that was already on my mind. We also talked about repentance and how we can more fully use the atonement. It was awesome; I felt the spirit so strong. I also want to improve my teaching as well. And learning about the atonement will really help me with that. 

The town is still weird and it still smells. But I love this ward. Oh man, they are great. In the midst of weirdos you create some freakin cool people. And the youth in this town are crazy! I always hear about Mormon kids that I know smoking and sleeping around, it’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s like that everywhere and I’m just used to Mormonville Snowflake. I’m just glad I had amazing friends growing up that were good examples to me. I think there are some people here that I will have to visit after my mission for sure. Sister Maddock is the bomb. I think she will have to approve of my future wife, when I get there. And the stories of half of these members are amazing. So like half of our ward is converts right? So they all have the most spiritual stories of how they found the gospel. Some of these people were homeless, on drugs, teen pregnancies, you name it. But its soooo cool to see how they've become such righteous people. I feel so spoiled when I listen to their stories. I’m like, I never had anything close to that... So I need to be more thankful more often. Anyways, that’s all!

But I’m thankful for you all! Thanks for being the best. I love you all.
   -Elder Schneider

Pics of my zone

Pics of my district

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