Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

February 1, 2016



It seems like there is always something new and different happening here. So much randomness for a small town. But I'm loving it here. This week was much better compared to the last couple of weeks. We did more to talk to everybody and stay focused. We had to tell ourselves to do that because we were missing so many teaching opportunities. So we had a lot more lessons and we found more people.
The people here are so frustrating! I feel like a babysitter for our investigators. It seems like they are always up and down with how they are feeling so we always unsure with where at are at. And I guess I shouldn't say that they are annoying, I should say that Satan is annoying. One minute they are ready for baptism and to read the Book of Mormon and the next they are anti. I'm like, how do they change so fast? Satan is good at his job, but God is better. We are going to have to step up our game with the way Satan is playing!
We had the opportunity to give two blessing this week. They were both on the same day so Elder Peterson was spiritually exhausted, or at least that's what he told me. But I love giving blessings, it's the coolest. There is always that close connection to God when you're taking part in a blessing. And the people who receive the blessing seem to have more of a connection with you too.
We helped another family move this week too. I swear I will have moved about 100 people by the end of my mission! But I don't mind it at all. Service is my favorite thing to do. And the people here are humble so they actually let you help them unlike some places. Our neighbor is a sweet Indian lady from Malaysia who is super nice and funny. One day she knocked on our door and was like, here are some egg rolls I just made. And so we had some yummy egg rolls. It was super funny to me to eat a random egg roll, Elder Wylie would have thought it was funny too. But that's just how it is here. The people actually serve and then let others serve them!
Elder Peterson and I gave talks this Sunday. That was my first talk I've given as a missionary. We talked on missionary work, fitting huh? But it went well. I felt like we did a good job. It always feels good to give a talk anyways. And right after that we taught the gospel principles class. It was like a super spiritual Sunday for us.
Elder Peterson turned 19 this week. We had some cake at a members house and hung out for a bit to celebrate. It's weird that I'm only 18. Sometimes I feel older than that and sometimes I feel like I'm 16 still. But I think it's sweet that we get to come out so early to get ahead on life. People are always surprised when I tell them I'm 18, they usually think I'm 12.
But to actually talk about the work here, it's going good. We are finding success when we stay focused and be obedient. Which is sometimes hard to do. We have a few people who are so close to baptism! We just need to keep the spirit with them as much as possible. The members here are awesome at doing missionary work. The give us referrals and come teaching with us quite often. It's every missionaries dream to have a good Ward. If we could keep improving our teaching and finding then we could have plenty of people convert here. Everyone in this town has a connection with someone else. We just have to get it going!
That's most of what I have to write about this week. I'm sending pictures in another email. Love you guys!
     -Elder Schneider


Some pics with the local wildlife

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