Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

February 15, 2016


Hey everybody! We got transfer news this week. Elder Peterson is getting transferred to Stevensville Montana and I'm getting a new companion named Elder Palmer. I'm gonna be the senior companion again. I almost want to be the junior companion at this point so I can learn from him lol. I thought at this point in my mission I would have had things down and I would just be getting baptisms like crazy because I started well with a baptism and trained early on. But I still know so little! I was only trained for 6 weeks so I've been just figuring things out since then. I look at some of the Elders around me that came out with me or are younger than me and I'm like, how do you have this whole missionary thing down?? But that's the way I am, I make it harder than it is. 

We did some really good work this week. We taught a bunch of random lessons but the people we have a hard time consistently teaching is the ones that we are focusing on! The people who are actually interested are the hardest to keep teaching. Satan works so hard on these people. We had a lesson with an awesome potential earlier this week. Man there was so many things that were getting in the way. He got 7 phone calls in our lesson and then the next day we were supposed to go on a church tour and he got a toothache that kept him home. The opposition is relentless! But we just have to fight back at is as well. For every bad thing that happens to them I believe that we should be able to provide a good spiritual thing. That's why we keep daily contact with our investigators and less actives. There is too much wickedness and temptation to not teach them as much as we can! It’s a real struggle.

We had one of our eternal investigators walk up to us and say, I want to be baptized. This sounds cool right? Well we're not so sure if she’s serious or she just wants the attention of going through the whole process again. We had dropped her because she didn't want to commit to anything and now when she tells us this we don't know how to feel. So we decided if she’s serious shell make the changes necessary, because there isn't anything we can do more for her. She knows what we believe and believes its true she just doesn't want to commit. So we will see if she’s serious or not!

My random adventure of the week was that I tazed my leg. Haha yeah we went to a members house and they were showing us their cool new flashlight that has a built in stun gun built in. And the dad was like, I’ll do it if you do it. So we somehow got talked into tazing our leg. We just did it for a second but it still gave you a pretty good zap! I never would have thought that I would have done that on my mission. Although we probably should have had a little more dignity than to do that and play around but I guess we fell into peer pressure. Sorry, I’ll be better.

But to keep it on the more spiritual note, I love this gospel. Man I don't always get it fully but I know it’s true. There is no way I could deny it. I just need to express it to others better now. I'm learning more and more who I want to be. And that's a truly converted disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm always pondering in my mind of how I can teach better and bring more power with my words. It just takes time and understanding, which I sometimes feel like I don't have at all. But I always am comforted to know what I'm doing is spreading a true message. It will all turn out alright right? Ok good. That’s all I can do is hope!

I love you all! Keep being awesome. Just be you. 

      -Elder Schneider
I got all of your stuff, I loved it, Thanks!

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