Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

November 16, 2015


Hey guys! Here's an update from the past week. It's been real up and down! But it's been good over all. We've had some good experiences and we've also had some bad ones. But over all I'm good and alive.

Elder Wylie is on his last week of training! It's flown by! He is doing really good. This last week he just really improved for some reason, I don't know. He started talking to people and taking initiative, it's lovely. And he is really enjoying things now because he is more spontaneous. We have also had some good experiences this week with members. We had a young family ask us for help and we gave them blessings and a spiritual thought. It was a great experience. We also are finding more and more people. I don't know what it is all of a sudden but I will accept it!

Transfers are coming up and I have a feeling I'm going to get transferred. I'm in a good spot right now so if I do get transferred I'm happy and if I don't then I'll still be happy. The only thing that will be sad about leaving would be that I wouldn't be serving around the elders that I came out with. I've really grown close to the elders I'm with so it will be sad when we get split up, but I'll live.

We had our second snow storm and it was awesome. I love the snow, it's fun. It's gonna really drop in temperature here pretty soon. It's been like Snowflake so far, but it's going to get way more intense from now on. We are still living with the Guptils and I think they are getting sick of us haha. But oh well, they signed up for a two year contract so they have to follow through!

Lastly I just wanted to mention how we have a guy on date and he is solid. He is really committed and ready to make that covenant. The only thing about his date is that transfers are the day before so if I get transferred I won't be there for it. Oh well, as long as it happens it doesn't matter. But I'm excited about him.

That's all for this week! I love you all so much and I wish the best of you! Keep me updated!

     -Elder Schneider

Elder Schneider and Elder Wylie

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