Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

November 9, 2015

Sick of me yet?

Hey Guys!

Well it's me again! Sick of hearing from yet? Ok good. So here's my weekly update. It's also been 4 months for me. It doesn't even feel like I've left yet. But I'm loving it out here and we are doing thebest we can right now. The hardest part is the stinking cold! It's starting to get chilly out here and now we have a car share so we have to be on bikes and walk around a lot. But I just got a pair of 20 below snow boots so I'll live.

The work is going good. We have a young guy on date for baptism and we also have a sweet family we found that we have high hopes for. We are praying that they progress. The Ward is doing good and they are getting better at their member missionary work. I really love this ward because I've been here for a bit and I've got some good relationships with some of them. We are learning to work with them better. We are still a little low on dinners but it's because no one can feed us at 5. All of the families in our Ward are young families with husbands that have to work late. But we've been getting more than enough food in the end, we are eating well.

Elder Wylie is almost done training. He is doing really good right now. He is speaking up more and working faster and more confidently. I wish he could train, it would be really good for him. He is learning quickly and starting to take the lead in a few things. It's looking up.

But besides that there is not a whole lot. Just loving it out here. There are so many miracles that happen on the daily basis. Time is flying and I hope that we keep finding success. The best part of all of this is just seeing how I'm growing up. I'm still the same weird me as always but I'm a little more responsible and I'm learning to work with people better. I think of you guys all the time and I hope you are doing good! I love you!

     -Elder Schneider


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