Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

November 2, 2015


Letter to the Family

Well, it's going! Things are good and I'm alive, there's not much to complain about. Me and Elder Wylie are just pushing on. We've found some good usage of our time and we have been working pretty hard. We are on a car share now so we have to ride bikes half of the time. It's good though, it gives me some exercise. My weight is going up and down haha. I got down to 145 at the beginning of my 2nd transfer and now I'm almost at 160. I think it's because I ride a bike more often so I'm building a little more muscle. But I don't care if I weigh 120 or 180, it's the sacrifice I make to be on a mission. 

We just had Halloween and that was a good time. We can't proselyte on Halloween night after 6 so we just went to a members house. The people go hard here in their decorations. But there isn't a whole lot that we can do on Halloween. Me and Elder Wylie were out tracting yesterday and we met our first crazy guy. He was legit crazy. He was stumbling around the streets under the influence of some drug. He made us talk to him and starting saying some pretty scary stuff so we left pretty quick, but it was a new experience. We handled it the best we could haha.

We have some more people with good potential now. We put a young guy by the name of Cody on date for the 28th. He is doing great and progressing well. And we have another young guy named Sean that is interested. The family we had on date earlier is progressing really slowly so we are giving them some time. But we still have hopes for them. Besides that we don't have anybody right now. The Robison family got baptized yesterday. They aren't in our Ward but we were the ones that found them, so it was still pretty cool.

Well, I don't know if there is a whole lot more to say! But I'll do better at writing stuff down so I can email it all on Mondays. Things are going good, I'm happy and we are just working hard and staying obedient. And I'm super glad I'm in Montana because this place is beautiful. I just get lost in the beauty of the snowcapped mountains and the rolling hills. The people are nice too and I couldn't be put in a better situation. I miss you all and love you all so much!

     -Elder Schneider  

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