Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

October 26, 2015

Its Getting Cold!

Hello family,

Well it's me again. This week was a bit better. There wasn't much success but it was still good. Me and Elder Wylie are going hard out here. Lots of stuff is being learned. This is scaring me how fast this is going by. It's also hit me that I'm kind of not new anymore. But anyways, I'll tell you what's new.

So yesterday was the baptism of a guy that both of us wards have been teaching. He got baptized before the rest of his family so he could baptize the rest of them. It was super spiritual. So I will send a picture of them later. We have one guy that is pretty solid and is committed to baptism. We don't have a date set for him yet but we are praying about it. But besides that there is not much. We have been doing a lot of tracting and trying to find people but it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. We are just not worrying about it. But elder Wylie is doing good.  Winter is coming guys! It's freezing every night and it's starting to cool off during the day too. It wouldn't surprise me if it snowed before Halloween. There is snow on top of the mountains, it looks pretty sweet. The people here also go all out for Halloween. It's kinda of freeky walking down the street at night with all of this sketchy stuff out haha. We can't proselyte on Halloween anyways.
Today was a good preparation day besides the fact that everybody just sits on their IPads all day! It's so annoying how easily distracted they get from their stupid IPads. But whatever, they miss their families.

       I got to go! Love you! Elder Schneider

Father was able to baptize his family.

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