Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

October 12, 2015

3rd Transfer

To all my friends and family around the world! Jk you all live like 20 min apart haha. But it's the beginning of my 3rd transfer! I'm officially not a trainee anymore! It's so nice to not be a "new" missionary anymore. I'm a cool normal missionary now. But I still feel like I just barely got out. But anyways, things are all good up here in Montana.
The work was much better this last week. We had some success that made us feel a little better. We actually have two people on date for baptism right now. We were out tracting a trailer park neighborhood and two kids rode up in their bikes and were like, “hey who are you?” and we were like, “hey we are the Mormon Missionaries” you wanna learn about Jesus? And so they took us to their house up the road and we taught them and their mom. We put them on date a few days later and things are looking pretty good for them. We will see if they continue to progress. So they were pretty much just a straight up miracle. I'll take it.
As far as training goes, it's just the same. Me and elder Wylie are learning to teach a little better and I feel like I'm starting to be a better leader. He is still as shy as can be but I have to be patient and just let him work through it. He has a desire to improve and is trying to speak up more. Encouragement is the best thing to do in this case, but I still love the kid. I talked to the zone leader and asked them what I could do to get him to speak up, they said I was doing the right thing so I just keep doing what I'm doing.
We got transfer news today! I'm staying in Belgrade. Which I’m happy about so that I can stay to teach this family we have on date. Oh and if any of you remember, there was a family that we taught at the beginning of my mission that just walked into church one Sunday, the Robison family is their name. Anyways, the problem was that they were in the other wards boundaries and we had to pass them off to them and do it without offending the family. But they went quiet on us for a bit, so we just kind of let them go. But they came back! And the other Ward elders are teaching them again and have them on date for baptism and all that good stuff! I'm pumped because I taught them two lessons and got them started and all and now they are following through! I'm counting them as a baptism. They are an awesome family that was super prepared.
I think that's most of it for this week! We had some awesome stuff happen and I'm really happy. I love you all and miss you all so much. Keep the emails coming! Have a good week!
     -Elder Schneider

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