Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

March 13, 2017

Spring Break

Hey all, 

It's been a great week! It's been great for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, I'm just glad in general that I'm staying in the YSA. This place is too much of a blast to leave. There are lots of fun members and lots of good work that I love to death. It will be a sad day for when I have to leave. 

We did some new things this week. So because it's spring break our institute teacher was gone last Tuesday on vacation. So, we had to sub for him. Yes, we taught institute. In fact we taught it two weeks in a row. That stuff is scary! The first week we did it I almost threw up. But they all ended up being pretty good. They were by no means as deep as the normal teacher but the spirit was still there. So yeah, that was a new experience for me. 

We also did a lot of finding this week. It was very needed because we have been slacking. It's healthy to get out and tract and contact random people. We walked around downtown Bozeman for a bit and met some drunk people, a homeless guy with a Chihuahua, etc. 

Another new experience we had was an interview with someone from the grace bible church in town. This guy just walked into the institute and asked us if he could ask us some questions, so we sat down for an hour and answered a bunch of questions he asked us. I'm not quite sure of how I felt about it. But he was a nice guy so it was all good. I think we gave him some answers that he wasn't expecting so that was good. If anything came from it hopefully he has a little bit clearer of an understanding of what we believe. And he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon as well so that was cool. 

As of right now we are just in anticipation of Kelsie's baptism on Saturday. She's so ready and we are pumped for it! This week is going to feel like forever! Anyways, I love you all and hope your week is good! 

     -Elder Schneider


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