Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

September 12, 2016

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Well, it's the last week of the transfer! Crazy, time sure does fly. I'm kind of sad how fast this mission thingy I'm doing is going but if it was too slow I'd probably go crazy. I just have to look back and appreciate what I've done so far I guess.

I missed last week because my preparation day got hectic. This one shouldn't be so bad. But a few good things have happened.

First of all we had a couple of different people come to church. A guy by the name of Dan. He's pretty sweet. We had a lesson with him last night and he seems pretty solid. He mentioned how he wanted some changes in his life because he didn't like the way it was going right now. So maybe he will accept the gospel.

We also got the chance to do a bunch of service for a less active guy. We helped him paint the inside of his house. It was fun. My painting skills have improved, I could paint anything. Haha jk. But he really appreciated it and now he's having dinner with some active members this week.

Since our wards cover such a wide area we got another place to live officially for half of the week so we can work more effectively in both areas. We stayed there a couple of nights this week, it was fun. And the members we stay with are sweet. They are super giving. Almost too giving haha.

Well I'm sick today so my email is going to be short again. But I love you all. And I'm sending some pictures.

      -Elder Schneider

Elder Story bought a new chair

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