Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

October 31, 2016

It's been quite an adventure this week! 

We had our last district meeting of the transfer on Wednesday, which officially made it feel like it came to an end. But it flew by I tell ya. 

We got transfer news this Sunday. Me and Elder Darner are both staying another transfer in Fairfield! I felt good about it because I still feel like I have a lot of things to do here. I don't know how Elder Darner feels about it, I think he's happy. I think he just doesn't know how to feel about it because it's his first area. I'm just gonna assume he's happy with it. 

This last Thursday was pretty unique. The stake hosted a dinner and trunk or treat in browning so we got invited to that. In fact, the whole zone went! It was huge! They advertised it in the newspaper, schools, radio, etc. We just set up a huge chili dinner that was big enough to feed 600 people and candy to go with it all. I was one of the street recruiters, which means I ran around outside pulling them in. Browning is a reservation so the people are a little more laid back so we could go grab random people and they would be like, cool, I like chili. We had a pretty cool miracle with one of the guys we brought in. When he told us his last name one of the missionaries then pircked up and asked if he knew another guy from Missoula. Then the guy he asked goes, that's my brother! This missionary knew his brother and even baptized him. It was a crazy story, and now the guy set up a time to visit with the browning elders. You never know! So we brought in around 500 people. We handed out 70-100 copies of the Book of Mormon and invited pretty much everyone to church, we will have to see how many actually come! But it was such a blast. I haven't been able to talk to that many people in a long time. Fairfield is great, but the same faces get pretty old. So this was a refreshing experience. 

On Friday the next day we had some fun too. We had another Halloween event. Except this time it was at the Sunriver church and was just a small community chili cook off.  I'm sick of chili by the way cause we had it for dinner on Tuesday a couple of days before our browning trip. But it was a good opportunity to meet lots of people that weren't members. We were judges for the chili and cornbread too lol. But we got to hand out candy at the trunk or treat so that was a blast. Not much else exciting about that though. 

The rest of the week was just regular work though. It's moving forward, just at a really slow pace. I want to teach more people but it's hard to find them! So, we will continue on. People are out there and we are gonna get them one way or another! I have to admit that this area has really been pretty tough. It's been good for me though. It's like they say, there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. 

Well, that's all for this week. But I hope you all know that I know that this Gods work. He's behind all of it making it happen. It's fun to be a part of! I hope your week goes great, I love and miss you all! 

        -Elder Schneider

Swag costumes handin out candy

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