Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

November 7, 2016



There were some fun things that happened this week.

We did lots of service. One of the service projects we did was help a member load some wood. We filled a small horse trailer. It was fun. The guy working the chain saw was a guru with that thing. Cutting wood is his living though, so he's got a pretty good system. My and Elder Darner could barely load as fast as he could cut, it was good for me. We also had another service opportunity this week. We were getting ready to head up to Sunriver for the day and we felt that we should bring service clothes for no particular reason. And when we got there we went to a members house and he was working on his house so we offered to help. It was a good thing we followed the promptings of the spirit cause we couldn't have helped in our regular clothes. 

We also put someone on date, FINALLY! His name is Ryan. The missionaries have been working with him forever so we just went in there and asked if he was ready to be baptized and he said yes. But one of the things holding him back was that he wasn't married and now he's married so he can get baptized now. We were pretty pumped, and I think he's excited too. 

Random story. We had a mouse in our house and we killed it. We set a mouse trap and within 30 min he was gone. 

Last week we went to the Ward trunk or treat. We handed out candy. We just backed in our Chevy Cruze and popped the trunk and then put on some Halloween decorations. It was fun. It was about the only thing we could do that night because we can't go out after 6 unless we are with people so it worked out well. Then we just watched the restoration movie after. 

We also had the opportunity to give a "service" at the assisted living center here in Fairfield. We just shared a message about charity to all the old people. I don't know if half of them understood it but it was still fun. 

The best news about this week was that one of the baptisms we had in Belgrade went through the temple on Saturday. I wasn't able to go but I got some pictures so I still got to celebrate a little. But the temple is the crowing blessing of the gospel. It has definitely changed my life and its changing others! I'm very happy for Jennifer :)

That's all for this week. We've just been super busy. But the work is good and the Lord is blessing us. I can't deny that this message is true. It blesses lives. I hope you all have a good week! 

        -Elder Schneider

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