Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

December 19, 2016

Hey guys,

Wow, what a week. It's been a blur! 

Me and Elder Darner were super busy getting things ready to be doubled out. We wanted to make sure that the records were clean and up to date and that people were informed and ready for the change. We were doing something up until the last minute. 

Transfer day was quite the adventure. A few hours of driving and I was in Bozeman! I said my last goodbye to Elder Darner in Helena, it was bittersweet. We were both ready for the change and were super excited for our next areas. I will miss Fairfield alot. There were many people who have really touched me that I never want to forget about. The next elders taking over are great so I'm excited for them. And as for Elder Darner, he's gonna do great things in Billings, I'm excited to hear about it. 

We live in a sweet apartment in the middle of town. We live in Bozeman 2nd ward area because we don't really have an area because we are the YSA, so we are the whole stake haha. But I love the vibes. There is a busy spirit about this town. A lot of young people trying to get their life going. It's a polar opposite compared to Fairfield. Fairfield was a bunch of 3rd generational farmers, so it's kind of a culture shock. There are so many people to talk to, I don't even know where to start! The only tough thing about this area right now is the fact that school just got out so all of the YSA is going home so there won't be any members to work with. And in an area like this, members are everything. So we will be doing a lot of exchanges with other elders this transfer. 

We have some people we are teaching already so that's good. When I got in the sisters referred to us a sweet girl named Megan. She's the sweetest southern bell you would ever meet. She's from Georgia actually so she's got the cool accent and everything.  Holy cow she's a miracle. She's on date for the 31 and she has such a strong testimony. She started reading the Book of Mormon last week and she's already to the end of Alma. She's just a super happy person that we enjoy being around, she's super funny too. We are amazed at how solid she is after every time we meet. She just repeatedly tells us of how she knows it's true and how this is filling in all the gaps for her. The picture perfect miracle investigator that every missionary wants. 

Church at the YSA Ward was fun too. The thing that stood out to me the most was the sacrament. It was so reverent and sacred. Man the spirit was so strong because of that. That was the first time I had had a sacrament meeting like that so it just caught me really off guard. I'm looking forward to more of them so I can get that again. 

What's also fun about being back in Bozeman is that I see people I know all the time! Because I was in Belgrade for 6 months I run into people and it's so weird cause they give me a funny look like, I know you but I don't remember your name, and then i always break the ice and remind them and it's a happy reunion. I really want to see some of the people I taught while in Belgrade. I'm sure I'll get the chance. 

Christmas is this Sunday! I'm super excited. We have a couple of plans made so it should be a good one. My last Christmas as a missionary...(tear falling down my face) I better make the most of it. And I'm excited to FaceTime the fam as well :)

Well, most of all, I want you to know that the Lord lives. He's an inspiration to me. I enjoy reading the New Testament because I get to read the first person account of the life of Jesus. Never a dull moment for him or for those who followed him. And it's the same 2000 years later for me in Montana. Keep him in your heart! Love you guys, have a good week.

        -Elder Schneider

Letter from President Wadsworth, Zone Leader

My last pic with Elder Darner

Ping Pong during Blizzard

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