Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

December 13, 2016

Transfer News
Hey everyone! 

First off, it's cold here which sucks. Up until Saturday the high of the week was a toasty 2 degrees. But it's ok cause I'm getting transferred!! Yup, I will be going to Bozeman to serve in the YSA Ward with Elder Daugherty. He sounds studly so I'm excited about that. With that as well, Elder Darner is getting transferred to billings to a Spanish area. So we are getting doubled out. But I think it's best for the area and us. I was getting pretty burnt out with Fairfield, I was running out of ideas. And Elder Darner just needs to go use his Spanish, so it's a good thing in the end. And some fresh minds will be very helpful for the area. I will for sure miss the people. And I know they will miss me too, they were sad to hear that we are both leaving, they were quite mad to be honest. But it's all in the Lords hands. 

Most of this week has been finding. Both of the wards have a lot of events for the holidays so we have been trying to take advantage of those to talk to people. We have seen some success come from it. It just gives us a good chance to talk to people in the right setting rather than on their doorstep. Hearts are softening. 

We also had a really sweet stake conference this last Sunday. Our mission president came and spoke to our stake and we heard from other stake leaders as well. The spirit was very strong. Our stake president also called up me and Elder Darner to bare our testimonies of Jesus Christ to the stake, it was a pleasant experience. And I'm not being sarcastic when I say that. It was easy, just say what I know and let them take from it what they want. I enjoy baring my testimony now so the more people who hear it, the merrier. 

We had a baptism this week. A very special one actually, his name is Richard. He is the Spanish man that Elder Darner and I have been working with. Mostly just Elder Darner though. Anyways, he had a lot of support. There was great talk and the whole nine yards. He bore his testimony in Spanish at the end, such a good guy. 

There really wasn't much to report on this week. Mostly just the transfer news and our sweet stake conference. Besides that it's just the normal grind. But the grind is gooood! I love you all and I hope your week goes great! 

        -Elder Schneider

Richard's Baptism

Best District Ever

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