Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

June 21, 2016


A busy and great week. 

First off, we had exchanges. I went up to Greybull with my district leader, Elder Berrett. It was fun. We taught a less active lady and helped her with some concerns she had. It was a really spiritual experience. She shed a few tears.

We also found a new investigator last week that came to church. So we had someone new come to church this week. Her name is Christine. She asked some really good questions and seemed to enjoy it. We have another lesson with her tomorrow so it will be good. If she has sincerely been reading the BOM I have no doubts that she is progressing. We were just out driving when we thought to stop at a house, and hey, she was there. I'm grateful for the help of the Holy Ghost in this work.
We have Jason ready to be baptized for next Saturday. If I get transferred I'll miss it. But that's ok, as long as he is ready to be baptized. But he's doing really great. Keeping all of his commitments and is excited. He listens to the BOM on dvd on his way to work and his drive is like an hour so he's getting a lot of that!
The highlight of the week was the mission tour we went to yesterday. We drove up to Billings and heard from the general authority Elder Anderson. It was was really inspiring. I was pumped to go work afterwards. One of my favorite parts what the Q&A he did at the end. He answered a lot of questions. And some missionaries got stuffed with their questions haha. But it was all great. It's always interesting to be around big groups of missionaries. You see the love each missionary has for each other. It's a great feeling. You also see how people act differently in groups. It's makes you think, am I the same no matter who I'm around? And president Wadsworth is so awesome too. I loved seeing him. We have interviews with him on Thursday so I'm thinking that maybe I will get a hint of what's going to happen to me for next transfer. Well, I hope I get a hit at least!
Anyways, that's all for this week. I love you all!
     -Elder Schneider

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