Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

June 13, 2016

This week has been great. Lots of finding and honestly not a whole lot of results. But I feel results in myself. There is lessons being learned everywhere I go! I wish I could write every little experience down but that would be impossible. I appreciate your efforts to keep me updated. Because just like you, I want to hear everything that's going on and see a million pictures! So what you do send me means a lot. Thanks for being steadfast in that :) I emailed dad and told him that I wanted to hear one lesson he learns from daily life that has meaning and to send it to me once a week and I will do the same. I'm hoping this will let me hear more personal things from him more often. He's got good things to share, he just needs to share it! So if gets lax on that you can kick him in the butt.

Like I said we did lots of finding this week. It really brought to my attention of how much I've let myself get lazy these last few weeks. Because for the last little while we have people handed to us to teach and we hardly did any finding because we had lesson after lesson. So now that I'm out and about its good to put me in uncomfortable positions again where I have to be brave and talk to strangers regardless of how scary they look. I'm still learning just as much when I first came out! I'm really trying to make each thing I do meaningful. Because we do so many things that I often do just because I'm supposed to. Now, that's not always bad, but there is a much better way. And that's to understand the point or principle that Christ is teaching us. It's for our own good. I mean, how often do we stop and say, why am I praying for this meal? Or do we ask ourselves, if Christ was with me in this moment, how would he make it meaningful? There is so many things that I do just out of habit from growing up in the church that I almost miss the whole point! So I'm really trying to understand the many "why"s in life. Why do I hold this door open for this lady? Why do I judge someone with an imperfection? Why do I serve on my mission? The list goes on and on. But it's been really helping me get the bigger picture so that I can understand things to be able to help others understand for themselves. And in my patriarchal blessing it tells me how I will be able to teach with great clarity and understanding. I'm still hoping that will come!

I've had lots of time to think as you can tell. I've been out enough to think a lot. I think of you guys a lot and I hope that my mission will bless each of your lives while I'm gone and when I come home. Time really doesn't matter to me at this point because I see how much I have to grow so I might as well get used to the idea if staying out here forever! Or maybe I shouldn't? Maybe it's better to know that I'm on limited time? Yeah, I like that better haha. Anyways, know that I pray for you guys every night! You guys impact me in every way. So thank you, I hope your week is good! I love you!
      -Elder Schneider

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