Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

November 30, 2015

Oh Heck Yes!

Hello Family,

Well another week has flown by. This one was good. It was good mostly because we enjoyed it. And honestly, idk why we enjoyed it because we didn't have a whole lot of success. I guess we just have a good time as we go. I also learned a lot this week too so I may get preachy on you guys. But anyways, it was a good week.

The first thing I should talk about it Thanksgiving. Man Thanksgiving as a missionary is the best. We had three Thanksgiving meals. We had one at 2, one at 3, and one at 6. It was dang good. I was sooo full! And the best part of thanksgiving is that we are allowed to just hang out all day because we can't really work. So we just ate food and hung out at members houses. We played foosball at members house and I found out I suck at that game. I got owned by their 16 year old daughter. She's like 5'2" but she's sassy and rubbed it in my face haha. And then we just chilled at home for the rest of the night. It was a good day to just have fun and not stress.

The work was pretty good this week. Like I said earlier, we didn't find a whole lot of success this week but we did try hard. We had to work despite the cold... Saturday night it was 1 degree when we were out. The snow here just stays because it rarely gets above freezing temperature so the roads get packed with snow that just turns hard and slick. I've seen like 3 flipped cars on the side of the road already. I'm being careful though, don't worry. I've got a good system to stay warm while we are out. I just wrap my face like 5 times with a scarf and then throw on my over shoes with a thick jacket and then some hand warmers in the pockets of my jacket and I'm good to go! My funny story of the week is we were out Tracting on Friday and this little black boy came up to us and was trying to fight us. He was like cmon man lets go! Stickem up! And then he ran up to Elder Wylie and punched him in the crotch. I laughed so hard. It definitely went in my journal. It was kind of sad, but it was too funny.

One of the things I've really been thinking about this week is faith. But faith in a different way than what I traditionally think. Normally, faith for me is to trust that the lord will provide. And it usually works pretty good. But I've learned a little more about faith this week. I learned that sometimes we need faith to trust that the lord won't provide everything we ask. Sometimes he expects us to have to figure it out on our own or to not be helped immediately. For example, this week me and Elder Wylie have been praying for a faith promoting experience or a miracle. And we waited for it to come, but it never happened. Was it a lack of faith? I don't think so. I think it was that the Lord knew that we didn't need it. He knew we wanted it but knew that we didn't need it. He knew that it was probably better for us to not to get it. This way we learn more and grow more. As I learned this I thought of Dad in his current job situation. He's been without a job for a little while now. And through this whole process Mom and the rest of the family has had a lot of faith in the Lord, that he will provide. So why hasn't the job been provided for even when we all have the faith? Well I think the Lord is teaching us. I think he's not providing immediately so we can learn and grow. Through these times of trial we are often closer to God than ever before. We learn to work with what we've been given and develop a greater appreciation. The best part of this test of faith is the reward after. The Lord promises us with blessing as we endure faithfully. He may bless us with the literal deliverance of that trial, or we may be blessed by just simply having a new understanding. Either way it will be a relief and a greater feeling of love towards the Savior will be found.

I know that the Lord knows you very personally. He knows just how much you can take. So you can bet He's going to test you! But He will never leave you alone.  You can always call upon His strength no matter the situation. There is so much that can be given to those that just ask.

I miss you all and love you all so much! Keep me updated, I want to hear about your lives.

     -Elder Schneider

Me eating the pumpkin pie mom sent me

This is me and Elder Wylie working at community café, where homeless people get food.

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