Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

April 24, 2017

New Area

Hey Hey Hey!!

Been a long but good week. I was so sad to leave the YSA. But I can't be in the most awesome area forever unfortunately. I will definitely miss all the people who have touched me so deeply.

This is the first time that I've been doubled into an area so it’s a new experience. I kind of feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. Usually I have a companion that knows everybody already and can kind of lead out for a bit, but not here! But this is a good place to be doubled into. The sisters that were here before were great and worked hard, but the attitude was kind of stagnant so the wards were ready for change. They get all lit up and say, “oh wow we have Elders now!” So it’s just good for change every once in a while. 

As far as what we have been doing, simply just hitting the pavement. We got a box of 40 copies of the Book of Mormon on Thursday and we are trying to hand them all out by the end of next week. We are probably a third of the way in right now and we have been tracting so much. And we are just trying to get as much fire into both of the wards to be missionary minded. The third ward bishop is such a boss. Super funny and he has a fun little family. And he actually has a son out on a mission right now as well.  And there is like three people that come to the third ward regularly and are not members. I guess they have just been too stubborn in the past to get baptized or something like that. It will just take a lot of love and service to soften some hearts of these stubborn Wyomingites!! 

Well, for this week I think that’s all. Just work work work work! My companion has really impressed me. He's ready to go to work and so far he's been a great support and I have no complaints. We will have to see if he's willing to keep the pace we've been going at though, cause I'm gonna finish my mission strong that’s for sure! And this may be my last area so I have to go out with a bang. No regrets right? 

Last of all, know that I know that this is God’s work and he wants nothing more than to see it move forward. You can either hop on and be a part of it or watch it go by but either is going! I hope your week goes good for all of you. I love you all. 

     -Elder Schneider
Friendly neighborhood lab
Got to see Elder Darner at transfers


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