Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

December 14, 2015

Sometimes Subjects are Boring

Family! How are you all? Good, I'm glad you're good. Another week has flown by. So much to tell you guys but I never know where to start. I guess I'll just start with the work and how it's going.
We have no one on date or progressing. But we have a ton of potentials that we are working with. We have been finding a lot lately and we are seeing a lot of hope for the future of the Belgrade. It feels like it is about to blow up with investigators and baptisms but it's just not there yet. Elder Wylie is doing good. He's teaching a lot more and we are learning to work together. And we are learning to work with the ward better. We got some members to come out and teach with us.
Our adventure of the week was intense. I was on an exchange with Elder Demille, my district leader. We were going to a lesson to someone who lived way out of town. So we put in their address into the GPS and started driving. So it takes us to a dirt road. And we drove on it. Bad idea. We got so stuck it was ridiculous. WE WERE THERE FOR 2 ½ HOURS! We had to have the tow company come pull us out because a regular 4x4 truck couldn't come get us out. So they got their special mud truck to come pull us out. They were so confused how the heck we got a Chevy Cruze that far into some mud. It was hilarious and super awkward at the same time. I took some pictures of it too. So after we got it pulled up out we had to go straight to the car wash. It had mud in places is wasn't supposed to have mud. We washed that thing for like 30 min straight with a pressure washer. And now their car shakes, oops. But it was something to remember.
One of our cool miracles of the week was someone we found. It all started because I made a determination to not waste any time because we had been wasting too much time that we could have been doing more effective things with. So I had this determination so stay busy and work no matter what. So on Thursday night we had two lessons set. And they both fell through. And they were later in the evening so we didn't know what to do as a backup. But I was determined to work. So I just called a member up to take us to River Rock (which is big neighborhood of like 1000 houses). I didn't know what we were going to do but we were going to do something. So we get there and just start going around visiting anybody and everybody at like 8:00. And just so you all know, Montana shuts down at 8. People just wind down and stick to themselves. So tracting is a no go. In that time we usually go back to the house and call some people and set some lessons up or something like that. So it was abnormal to be out like this. And it just snowed so that makes it even more quiet. But I was determined. So we are just walking along the streets and we see a lady shoveling her porch. I'm like bingo. We go talk to her and she was just the most prepared person. It was so cool. And it was like 8:30 almost 8:45. That never happens in Montana! She told us how she was on her path of finding Christ and was very open to learn what we had to say. So it was like bam, a miracle. It may sound small but it was pretty big for me. I needed it. It was one of those stories where something extraordinary happened.
Christmas is approaching and its feeling great. The holidays are the best as a missionary. We get lots of food and we get to chill. Not much more you can ask for as a missionary. But I hope that Christmas for you all is about giving. See what you can give to the Lord and He will give you more than you can imagine. It's a blessing to have the knowledge we have. We need to use that knowledge to the best of our ability to serve and love others. Anything you do to others is the same thing as do if to the Lord. So do something for others! That's my advice :)
But that's all for this week. Thank you guys, love you all!    
     -Elder Schneider

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