Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

Sept 21, 2015

Ipad Returned by an honest awesome citizen

To the Fam,

So I just got my iPad back so I have a lot to catch up on. The first thing is the baptism that happened on sept 2 of course. That was so awesome, I've never done it before so it was an experience to remember. But I was so nervous when I did it. I didn't dunk her all the way the first time so I had to do it again.. But she still loved it, which is what matters. She described it as "rejuvenating". She had a lot of support and she enjoyed it very much. Then the next day on Sunday I got to confirm her too, and I was even more nervous for that! I had to do it front of the whole ward! But I tell you what, that was even more awesome than the Baptism. I could just feel the Holy Ghost descend upon her. I have never before been able to perform such an amazing ordinance. There is real power in the priesthood. I was able to talk to her a few days later and see how she was doing. She said she noticed and immediate difference after she received the Holy Ghost and that she still had that same feeling. That really strengthened my testimony and put a smile on my face.

As well as that, as you all know I'm training. My companion Elder Wylie is an awesome guy. Let me just explain to you his personality. He was painfully shy when I first met him. But, he's coming out of his shell. He is actually so full of personality and humor. He keeps surprising me with hidden talents and skills. He can beat box and play the drums. He's also very smart and a deep thinker. But my favorite part about him is his desire to work and follow the rules. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Elder Wylie and I are on the same page and we are loving it. We often have no clue what we’re doing but we just learn as we go and enjoy it. Me and him get along very well.  It’s weird because I’m having to be out going and be the confident one that has to approach people and be the example. But I’m surprising myself actually. I’m doing a better job at taking the lead already and I can’t wait to see how much more improvement I have to make. And I also love seeing my companion blossom. He kind of knows the doctrine well already but he just needs to be able to teach it, and its coming, slowly but surely. He's very good at being organized and working smart. And this helps me a lot, because I can get sloppy sometimes. He makes sure we work smart and that we do things right, not just fast. So I'm learning a lot from him too. 

One miracle I had this week was a blessing I had the opportunity to give. We were out contacting some less active people and we come up to this lady's house. She lets us in and is happy to see us and all. So we talk with her for a bit and then we notice that she was doing homework or writing something. So we ask her what she was doing and she says that she was writing a paper for some college homework. But she said that she had gotten a bad concussion a few months ago and wasn’t able to focus very well so it’s been hard for her to do any schooling and writing and stuff like that. So the thought pops in my head, priesthood blessing? I ask her if she’s gotten one to help and she said she had and it helped, but she would like another one. Me and my companion are like heck yeah we will give you a blessing! We take out the oil and go through it all. So we give her a blessing and leave her with a pamphlet. We came back about a week later. We ask her how she was doing and she said she was doing great. She said the blessing helped her finish her homework and it was as if she had never gotten a concussion. And we were like wow, that’s amazing. The priesthood power is real. That was the first time I have really seen the priesthood heal someone. So I have no doubts in its capabilities. 

I’m starting my tenth week in the field here and its getting pretty crazy. I don't really see a whole lot of success with the people we are teaching but we are having success with ourselves. I get the feeling that it might stay this way. There is so much religion out here it seems as if there is no room for the LDS religion. But I just have to keep being patient and realize that there is nothing I can do when people are not open. If they want to listen, great, if not, oh well. We try our best and that’s what matters. But I want to know about you all more! Keep me updated! Tell me what’s going on in your lives! I hope you all are doing well, I love you all. Until next week, peace out! And I’m sending pictures in a bit

      -Elder Schneider

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