Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

August 3, 2015

Reunited in MT with Elders from the MTC
   Elder Brock from Mesa Grandview 2nd ward with Elder Schneider   

Such awesome missionary parents out there!! I received this e-mail this week:
"I met you a few weeks ago in sacrament meeting before your son left for the MTC.  My son is serving in Montana too, and I wrote to him to keep his eye out for your son since he was from our ward.  Well, Ryder (Elder Brock) kept his eye out and found him!  Here is a picture of the two of them that Ryder sent me today.  Elder Schneider looks great!  I hope he is doing well, and you too."

We got to eat in an airplane hanger this week! It was sooo cool!Tthis guy was a WW2 vet and had an old WW2 plane that he built.
I know you like planes Dad, so here's some pictures to make you jealous, haha.

Elder Schneider & Elder McMahon

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