Red Lodge Montana

Red Lodge Montana

August 17, 2015

To All Who Read This,

Yet another week has passed! It's so hard to type up these E-mails because I can hardly remember all of the things I did this week! But I'll try my best to remember the important stuff. So what can I say? Maybe I'll just start with who I'm teaching right now. So we have about 3 solid investigators. The first one, named Jennifer, is on date for baptism and gets baptized in 2 weeks. She is so ready, she told us she is excited to get baptized, so we are super pumped about that. So today we taught Jennifer again and she wants me to baptize her! So I thought that was cool and I wanted to tell you guys that. So she will be my first, I'm super excited!! And then there is this lady named Susan. She is on this "journey" to coming back to Christ. So she is looking for something and we just have to show her were to look. I think she will come around. And then there is this guy named Cody who is doing really well too. He is doing everything we ask of him and has a real interest. He's reading the Book of Mormon so we are hoping that will really help him make the decision. So yeah, that's them.

So here is my miracle of the week. So about 2 weeks ago we tracted this guy named Justin. He seemed interested but he was in the process of moving out so he couldn't talk and he didn't know where he was moving so we couldn't set up a return appointment. So we were just like, that sucks, and then we moved on. And then about 3 days ago we tracted into this girl named Cassie. She also seemed interested so we set up a return appointment. So we go to the return appointment and she wasn't there.... So we just swing by the next day to say hey, and guess who who answers the door! It was Justin! We tracted into his new house and the girl that we had answered the first time was his GF. So that wasn't just by chance. That was meant to be, because there is no way we could have found them. So we are excited about that, we just have to find a good time when we can talk to them. I also went on my first exchange this week. The elder I was with was Elder Jaques. He was Elder McMahons old.Transfers are only two weeks away so maybe I'll get transferred or something, because Belgrade can get boring sometimes. It's like Snowflake, it just likes to stay the same and to stay quiet, and they could care less about Mormons haha. Even the ward is pretty stagnant. But we are working to get the work moving in the ward and through the town. We can do it, we just need time.

Ok my last thing I have to tell. So on Saturday the town of Manhatten had a little festival. It was called the Potato Festival. So we set up a little booth and had our little Mormon stand haha. It was a good experience! I have never talked to so many people in one day. We just walked around and taught little messages and gave out pamphlets, it was awesome. It made me improve my people skills, which I need help with. I can't stay shy forever! So I don't have much else to say, but I do have a challenge for you guys! And that is to be involved in missionary work and to do as much for the missionaries as you can, because we hardly get fed and we hardly get referrals. It makes the life of a missionary twice as easy and effective if the ward helps and is active in the work. So feed the missionaries and give them referrals! Keep them busy and make them feel loved because they can only do so much without you guys. I promise it's true. So just keep that in mind and look out for them ok? Thanks guys! I miss you all and love you all! I want to keep hearing from all of you! Send me some pictures of you guys! I want to show all of my buddies how cool my family is! Well, until next week, goodbye!

     -Elder Schneider

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